A Feral Love

A love so wild, so untamed, so passionate…

A feral love, you’d shown to me, and, I was drawn in, by how it felt, because I’d never known a kind of love as this.  A feral love, I’d fallen for, without realizing, that it can, NEVER be mine, as it’s destined, to be released, back, into the wilderness, where it’d come from.

A feral love, I’d worked really hard, to keep a hold onto, but, the tighter I’d placed that leash around its neck, the harder it’d struggled to break free from my control, and, I wasn’t, willing, OR able, to let it go yet, and so, this feral love and I got engaged, in this constant state of battling it out, of pulling and tugging, and, I became, burned out by the process.

Until one day, I just couldn’t, hold on, to this feral love any longer, and, I’d let that rope, slide out, of my already calloused hands (from grabbing onto the ropes too tight???), and, the moment that this feral love broke free from my grasps, it became even more active and upbeat, and, I watched, as it ran wild and free, and, I’d come to the realizations, that, I should’ve set it free sooner, so, why hadn’t I?  Because this love was feral, I didn’t know if it was just, going to leave me altogether, after I’d released it from my hands, and, I didn’t want to live without it, been searching for it for so long, and, it took me very long, to realize, that I needed, to let it go, to set it free………


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