In Poverty Stricken Parts of the World, Parents are, Forced to Sell Their Offspring, to Buy Firewood…

Welcome, to the OTHER side of THIS white-picket-fence, found on Yahoo!, reported by Diane Cole

The poverty in Afghanistan takes a particular toll on children. These youngsters live in a mud-walled home in Kabul’s Nasaji Bagrami camp for internally displaced Afghans. In the most dire of circumstances, a parent might abandon or sell a child.

Last week in the northern Afghan province of Balkh, an impoverished mother chose the only option she felt was left to her, after her drug-addicted husband abandoned her. She had to care by herself for five young children and an elderly father. So she sold her 1-month-old infant for money — the equivalent of about $435 in American currency — to buy kindling wood to keep her four other children from freezing in the harsh winter weather.

Such incidents of child-selling are shocking—and illegal in Afghanistan.  But a country plagued by chronic poverty amid decades of conflict and instability, it’s not the only instance.

And it said, in this report, that the local governments are doing what they can, to stop this.  And, the reason for why this mother was willing to sell her own child, is because she’s hungry, just like it suggested on the first TWO levels of the Hierarchy of Needs, if you can’t even take care of your own physiological and safety needs, how will you be able to have the mind, the energy, to care about anybody else’s needs?  And, granted, what this mother did was awful, but, it wasn’t as if she has a choice, and I’m still not condoning what she did, I’m merely stating the FACT, that there’s a VERY different world, just a few steps down the lines, from your separate white picket fence neighborhoods…

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