Somnambulism? Too Drunk? After His Birthday Party, the English Man Fell from the Fourteenth Floor

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A British man who came here to teach English, Cameron, yesterday after getting drunk at a friend’s birthday party, went home, and fell from his fourteenth story home, and died; Tsai, his live in boyfriend said, that he suspected that he was sleepwalking, just wandered onto the lanai, and took the leap.  The police investigated, there was NO medical records that this man was seeing a doctor for his sleep disorder, they’d found no signs of struggle in his residence, the police ruled out homicide, suspected that he may have been sleep walking, or semi-conscious and fell off the building.

Based off of understanding, the friend of the deceased had texted the cousin of the man, and, his cousin pointed out that he had problems of somnambulism.  Tsai told the police that the deceased would often wake up in his dreams, screaming, or be awakened and scared from his nightmares, but the deceased had never mentioned that he had such a condition to him, and so, he wasn’t sure, if it was, somnambulism or not.

Based off of investigations, the twenty-eight year-old Cameron is homosexual, had been dating the Taiwanese man, Tsai (age 34).  Two days ago, it was Cameron’s birthday, in the evenings, he had Tsai, and a group of their friends went celebrating, they’d first gone to a grill at Fuxing N. Road in Taipei, then, ran to two separate bars in Wanhua to continue the party, afterwards, Cameron and Tsai went back to their residence, and a friend, Kao crashed with them.

At around four in the morning, Cameron fell from the back lanai, as Tsai and Kao heard the loud sound, they rushed downstairs, and they saw Cameron, face down on the pavement, wearing nothing but his underwear; as the paramedics and the police rushed to the scene, they’d found him with a fractured skull, and multiple broken bones on his body, without any signs of life.

Tsai and Kao stated, that yesterday morning, Cameron had waken up from his dreams twice, to open the door, Tsai tried to stop him, closed the door, led him into the bathrooms; after Cameron went to the bathrooms, he went back to bed, then, he’d wandered about in the kitchen, the two other men thought he was getting a drink of water, not long afterwards, they’d heard a loud thud, they ran to the kitchen, but they couldn’t find him.

The police didn’t find a final note in his room, but there were signs of climbing on the back lanai, and a stool on the ground; and because the ledge was to the chest area, the police believed that it wasn’t at all possible, for him to have fallen over by accident, they believed that Cameron stood on the stool and jumped over the railings.

Tsai said, that during his birthday celebration, he had left for a short while, Cameron was not happy about it, they’d had a small silent treatment with one another, but no arguments.  Kao said, that the two men seemed to be getting along very well, that evening, Cameron had too much to drink, but didn’t disclose his thoughts of suicide to his friends at all.

Based off of understanding, after he graduated from college, Cameron stayed in Seoul, South Korea, and he’d joined up with the YMCA in Taichung for the years he’d come here, works in a clothing store, is currently working as an English instructor.  He is very popular, a lot of is foreign friends who didn’t know what happened still wished him a happy birthday on his Facebook pages.

And, you can take a wild guess, at what might have caused this man to commit suicide, can’t you?  The fight he had with his boyfriend, or maybe, it’s his conflict with himself for being a homosexual, and now, nobody will ever know, because the man with all the answers is no longer here, and we can only speculate here…

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