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Carried Our Invisible Scars from Childhood

Childhood had, really, brutalized us all, didn’t it???

Carried our invisible scars from childhood, we all had, and, for some of us, those invisible scars from when we were younger started showing up, without any apparent reason at all, how O-D-D?

Carried our invisible scars from childhood, that, was what we’d done, and through time, they’d hurt every once in awhile, and we’d chosen, to ignore the aches and the pains.

Carried our invisible scars from childhood, we wore them, without even knowing, that they were there, because they were, invisible, to the naked eyes.  Carried our invisible scars from childhood, we don’t know how they’d gotten on us, perhaps, we were too rowdy and, made a mess, and, as a punishment, these invisible scars, they came to us, to serve as reminders of our wild and rowdy pasts, who knows???

Carried our invisible scars from childhood, there’s no doubt, we all had, but, how come, for some of us, we’re still, bugged, by those invisible scars from our childhoods, shouldn’t we have, left them all, behind already?  Carried our invisible scars from childhood, and, they’d all, tagged along, wherever we will be, there’s NO way we can get rid of them.






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A Faceless Woman


The woman always had innovated ideas, to make herself appear different than the rest, for instance, on the matters of food, dress, even the way she’d articulated herself, she could always manage, to take care of it all.

That morning when she woke, she found herself in a good mood.  She’d placed her hands on the two doors of her closet, opened it up, sorted through all her clothes carefully from the left, to the right, then, back to the left side once more.  She’d decided, on that cute mini-skirt, yes, in this age where all women wore are long trousers.  Actually, this mini-skirt wasn’t at all that short, it’s medium-length, although it rested above her knees, it was still, centimeters away, from the runway standards.  The slutty women are fit for slutty men, and, those mature and charming men, they’re totally, not fitting, to her taste at all, so, how can she, not know how to dress herself up, sexy, and mature at the same time too?

The texture of the skirt was really soft and light like the feathers, with the floral prints circling around, fitted perfectly, on her waistlines, not too stuffy, and not too see-through, with the ivory-colored lace top, it’s the perfect way to dress, to meet up with a chance summertime love.

The woman closed the white front door without hurry, she’d caught the sight of the potted plants on the right side of the doorway, she’d told herself, to remember to water it after work.  The elevator took her straight into the garage, she doesn’t need to fake her smiles and say hi to the neighbors this morn, no one was around, no business to attend to, no discord.  The yellow race car was wiped to a spit shine yesterday from the garage, the sun is out, there’s no need to worry that water may splash, and make it dirty again.

She’d driven, for just thirty-four minutes from her garage to the office today, the smooth traffic flow made her feel even better, and, the Prada Candy she had put on, especially showed how light her heart felt today.  As she’d gone into the floor of her office building, the receptionist, Apple, would always stand up and welcome her in.  the two-inch heels, made small tracks that seemed to be chasing after her, the woman passed through the personnel office, the accounting section, the sales department, turned the left, and, went into the manager’s office, hers.  She sat down, her short skirt floated in the air, and, she’d left her purse by the leg of that wooden desk.  There was NO small piles of mails by the mail department today, there are only four items on the “To-Do List” on her computer.  Such a beautiful day!  As she’d thought, smile curled up on the corners of her lips.

As she’d read the contract from the ad agency carefully, she’d signed it, and, gave it to someone to send it out.  She’d returned a couple of e-mails from the companies aboard, got up, went to the small fridge, got that carton of mildly sweetened yogurt, it’s kiwi flavored this morning.  After breakfast, she’d gone to the powder room, to freshen up.  The restroom was at the end of the hallway of the office, as she’d returned, she’d gone through her normal walkways, the receptionist’s desk, the personnel office, the accounting office, the sales department.  The woman who’s observant had found something weird about the coworkers; it’d only been about two hours since she’d come to work, and people seemed to have put on another face; those who passed her by no longer smiled at her, they’d turned their heads away in a hurry instead; those who were sitting in their cubicles, would give her a bad look, then, drifted their gazes back to the computers.  And, there were a few, who were, watching her, with slanted gazes, what, is going on?

At about noon, the woman needed to go down to the fifteenth floor, to the foreign banks, to know the cash flow from last week, this sort of matter, should not be discussed over a call, it’s better, to interact face-to-face on this, it would give her company the advantage when needed.  She’d stepped out with her high heels again.   This time, nobody paid any attention to her, nobody bumped into her.  At the elevator entrance, she’d bumped into the Assistance Manager of the office next to her office, Wang, they’d smiled and said hi to one another, the elevator had arrived to their floor.  As the door opened, Assistant Manager Wang would normally ask which floor she’s going to, then press the button, and now, he’d behaved like a little school boy who’d done something wrong, worked hard, to squeeze his head into his neck, with his eyes shut.  The four individuals who were originally laughing and carrying on in conversations in the elevator, all of a sudden, fell silent too, some looked up toward the ceiling, some toward the floors, not looking at each other at all.  The woman was phased at how Wang the manager’s face changed, she’d pressed the button for the fifteenth floor.  And, she didn’t know, if she’d become a mute button, to the four individuals standing behind her.

On the long hallway of the fifteenth floor, there were a couple of workers, standing next to the copy machines, chatting, as the woman passed them by, they’d all, fallen, silent.  She’d pushed opened the glass door to the bank, the security officer she’d known smiled at her, she’d returned his smiles, and, he’d looked at her with this view of mysteriousness, lowered his head, took another gaze, lowered his head again.  It’s weird!  Something’s wrong with people today!  The woman walked straight toward the counter, and carried on in a nice conversation with Ms. Chang.  A couple of minutes later, the woman felt someone tapping her on the shoulders. “Apple, what are you doing here?”, the woman said, with surprise.  “Manager, your…”, then, Apple pulled the corner of the woman’s mini skirt from her panties.

The woman locked herself inside her house, and, reviewed over and over again, the events of the day in her mind, the scenes kept turning over and over again in her mind, like the unquiet raging waves, she felt this heat, rising up to her head, she became crazed with the feelings of helplessness, she’d bitten herself, hit herself hard, she hoped that she became faceless, because then, she wouldn’t need to face this world again.

The woman didn’t dare head outside her house, just paced like crazy inside her residence, worked, scatterbrained.  She’d cleaned out her fridge, trimmed the threads off of the couch that was showing, and dug out the mud from the sink, blocked the entrance where those small cockroaches would enter; then, she’d caught the sight, of the mirror she’d bought two weeks ago, still unopened…

A circular mirror, separated into two parts, the right half was a half circle, there were two dents on the left side, the left side on the left mirror had two bumps on its right, the two mirrors placed together, became a complete circle, without connecting the shapes, they’d become, abstract.  Bang-bang-bang, the woman nailed the left half to the walls, and, while she was nailing the right side down, she was careless, the right side fell to the floor, and, the woman saw her face, shattering into pieces, she screamed out of fear, turned her head back to the left-side mirror, it’s blank!  She’d found, that she doesn’t even have a reflection anymore………

This would be, the EFFECTS of putting on too many masks, this woman was perfectly dressed, had a perfect place to live, with a perfect set of wheels, and, she failed to realize, that what’s on the inside of her heart and mind was the most important, and, the image of her perfect self shattered, on the day that she wasn’t careful enough, to pull back down her mini-skirt, and, the shattered mirror was her state of mind, after reflecting over the events of the day…

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The Holiday to DUMP the High-Tech Products, Returning to the Better Times Before


<The Kidnappers of Our Lives>

My colleague showed off her brand new cell phone to me, told me how the moment her last contract expired, she’d taken her cell phone numbers, switched to another provider.  “This company has better receptions.  The company I was with last year, I couldn’t even manage to send out one single text message on New Year’s Eve, it’s so infuriating.”

Meeting up with the girlfriends, naturally, a group photo is a must, normally, the cell phones would do the trick, but, not today, my girlfriends mysterious flashed the brand new camera, “this one has amazing photoshop abilities, you wouldn’t need the computer program if you have this one!”, then, they’d photographed all the dishes served, because “there’s the ‘gourmet’ mode!  The foods photographed using this mode will look even more savory.”

A former class member from my college days posted photos of his entertainment systems at home, “it’s so fun, playing the video games right now!”

All of these, had been done over and over again, but, we’re all, truly, kidnapped, by the high-tech products here.

Meeting up with the friends for an outing; headed out to hang out, photographs always preceded taking in the scenes; as the weather gets hot, we must have the AC blasting on all night long, everybody has a laptop in her/his lap.

“I’m finding it harder and harder to recall how we’d managed to live so long.”  On a certain day, my friend smiled and told me.  “One day, I forgot my cell.  To tell you the truth, the moment I’d discovered that I’d left it at home, I was sweating out cold sweats.  But, later on, I’d thought, I never had any cell phones from way, way, way back when, my very first cell was a gift for my eighteenth birthday, the year I’d gone to college!  And, from before, I’d lived on fine, didn’t I?”

Yeah sure, recalling how fifteen, twenty years ago, when there aren’t that many channels on television, there’s only a few programs on, and, we only had landlines; compared to now, there are a ton of films online, series, for us to choose from, and, there are more than a million functions on the cell phones………such a great difference, and we are, quickly, being kidnapped too.

Can we set up a day, to ditch all these “kidnappers”?

<Turn Off ALL High-Tech Products>

Turn off the cell phones, or, just, “forget” to bring it, underneath your pillows at home, don’t take it with you!  Allowing yourselves, to not feel guilty for not picking up, you will find, that there’s this leisure feeling that will overcome you, you no longer needed to get agitated with the ringtones from your cell, nor do you need to stare at the screens of the cell phones, and, fret about whether or not you should pick up on these annoying calls.

On this day, turn off your televisions, your computers, forget about the cameras too, just head outdoors, to get in tune with nature.  How long was it, since you were able to, enjoy the sun?  Going for a picnic sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?  Living a life of leisure is the simplest kind of bliss.  And, you wouldn’t need to read too much into how beneficial to your health going on this outing is, just, step out of the house, and, get all of your friends who’d started to interact with you from just online out too, to see one another in person, to catch up on the old times.

Actually, before photographing the foods and the scenes, the most important thing is, did you manage, to record the images of these gourmet foods, these scenes into the memory disks of your minds?  On this day without your digital camera, the best way to remember is by savoring it, by feeling it, from the outside, and, take it all in.

If you’re really not wanting the troubles of heading out, then, how ‘bout cracking open a book?  Or maybe, just stare into space and daydream a bit, rolling around on your bed sounds nice too, huh?  How long’s it since you’d put your focus back on yourself?

There are too many additives to our lives.  Those inventions are originally made to make our lives better, but, after a long time, it’d become the culprit, to losing our lives.

From all of these new and interesting high-tech products, sure, we’d gotten a ton of enjoyments, created more conversation topics, our times are marching forward because of them too.  But, we’d still need to have time, to remind us of what we once had, what’s disappearing slowly right now.

So, set up a date, allow ourselves, to take a break away, from the fast pace of the world.  After we’d gotten a breather, we will be able to, return, back to our lives, with a big old grin!

And so, maybe, it’s time, to take a mini break, away from the high-tech products, after all, our lives are being kidnapped by these modern day inventions, how long has it been, since you actually engaged in an in-depth human conversation, where the two of you just sat at a café or something, enjoying one another’s company?  Exactly, so, turn off those cell phones, I-Pads, laptops or whatever, and, ENJOY yourselves for a short bit, ‘cuz work ain’t goin’ NOWHERE, it’ll still be here when you get back!

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A Temporary Goodbye to Cell Phone Usage, the Holiday to Turn Off Your Cell


The Side Effects Brought on by Cell Phones

I’d gone to a wedding banquet of a relative with my son, after he’d gotten a few rounds of food, he’d started burying his head in his cell phone, until I’d started eating my desserts, he still had the main course and appetizers on his plate.

I’d told him, “Son, are you truly that busy?”, he’d smiled an unkempt smile.

It’s no news when a group of people gathered around a table for the meals, lowered their heads to their cells and not engaged in conversations with one another.  I didn’t feel anything toward this odd condition of the younger generations.  But my son put down his phone, sighed, “having a cell phone is surely convenient, but, there are serious side effects also.  I hope that there’s a holiday where we can “turn it off”, just leave all our phones for one day.

I’d recalled how before I’d discussed our traveling plans for the New Year’s with my third eldest sister, asked her the dates of her two daughters’ return home, and, my third eldest sister started ranting, “Ignore them!  It doesn’t matter IF they’re back or not, or if we’re out dining or not, everybody is focused on her/his cell phone, children AND adults alike!”

My third eldest sister has wonderful children, and would take their kids home to dine from time to time, we all hung along well together.  But, don’t know when, this getting along well scene vanished, it wasn’t because the children no longer loved the parents, but because they’d treated their smart phones like their lovers, and allowed the cell phones to take control of their minds entirely.

And now, my son who worked at the military camps, who is restricted from using his cell and online, he’d often complained of how he wasn’t able to have access to find the information he needed online at work, but, the side effects from his cell phone usage, he’d compared the two situation, “My last company, whenever the coworkers have the time, they’d lowered their heads, to receive message from their cell phones, they lacked focus, and the work they did wasn’t that high in quality at all.”

Return to the Days without the Cell Phones

My son then talked about his classmate who’d only been married six months, because his wife found that he was flirting with other females on his cell phone LINE accounts, it’d almost put an end to their long-running, hard-to-come-by marriage.

“Because there’s no three-dollar limit (the price for sending and receiving a text message), it became too convenient to send the messages, and, the temptations from the outside world magnified.”, my son told me.

On top of that, there is NO exception to those on the MRT who had their eyes, glued to their cells, and showed absolutely NO care or concern for those around them, they couldn’t see the pregnant lady who needed to have a seat, and the distance between people became greater still…all of these, made my son worry.

Sure!  We really need a “Turn-Your-Cell-Off Day”, and it should be on January 30th, turn off the cell phones, slow your paces down, return to the days where there was NO internet or high-tech products.

So, what can we do on this day?  Get a back of old fashioned snack, and, slowly, savor the simple taste of the days.  Return back to the normal interaction modes with others, and, gather with friends and families, and truly feel the cares and concerns you have for one another.  If we pass the day like this, I’m sure, that everybody can be filled with zest, to face up to whatever challenges come our ways in the future.

And this, would be the solution to this oncoming cell phone usage addiction, but, it won’t be easy to do, I mean, how many of you are using your cell phones, even when you don’t need to, this, is a serious issue in the world right now, so, let’s all, take a holiday, from cell phone usage then???






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Trading Physical Activities for Donations, the Children from a School Got to Exercise More & Made Contributions Too

Using what they have, to give back to the world, a story of inspiration, and it’d benefitted them at the same time too, isn’t it wonderful???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The Genesis Social Welfare Foundation had set up donation boxes at every elementary school, Ming-Yi Elementary School used track and jump rope, in exchange for change to raise the funds, encouraged the students to get moving, even though there were only 113 students in the school, however, they were able to raise $27,415 N.T. for the foundation totally, the school had ranked number one locally.

The program was started in the second semester of 2013, as the students ran two laps around the track field, they’d gotten a one-dollar coin in exchange for running; during the first semester of 2014, in order to comply with the program of the Hsinbei Department of Education, they’d changed the running to jumping ropes, 200 jumps for one dollar, and, everything they’d made, got placed into the donation box set up by the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.

And on top of that, when the students met a certain exercise goal, they’d be entered into drawings, and, the more they’d worked out, the more chances they have, and, at the end of the semester, they would have the chance, to get bicycles, baseball gloves, along with other forms of sports equipments, and, in between the classes, you’d see a lot of the students, working hard, to exercise.

After two semesters, the 113 students had run 33,828 laps, and managed to jump 1,627,600 times in jump ropes, plus the spare change donations, they’d managed to raise a total of $27,415N.T., and the prize money and prizes are all provided for by alumni, parents, along with members of the community.

So, this school made charity a collective effort, and, they’d used exercise as the way, to get the student body moving, and, at the end, they not only managed to raise enough funds, the students became healthier than before too, how’s that for killing two birds with one stone???

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The Driver Who’d Murdered a Couple in Brutality, Dumped Their Bodies, Then, Burned the House

Let’s DISSECT what made him “crack” then, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The driver at a call station, Wu-Chang, because he was suspected of feeling dissatisfied of his bosses, Hsieh and Wu for loaning him the money to buy the transfer cars, then, deducted his pay for the vehicle, and accused him to dealing drugs, last year in June, while they got drunk, he’d strangled both of them to death, dumped their bodies in Alishan, then, went back to their rental home, set the place ablaze, to create the façade that the two had a fight, and, after they committed arson, they both went missing.

Because Hsieh and Wu disappeared after the fire, it’s like they’d evaporated off of the surface of the planets, the police suspected that something awful had happened to both of them, and zoomed in on Wu-Chang (age 22)who stayed with them; but, “no body, no crime”, until awhile ago, when Wu-Chang failed his polygraph twice, he finally came clean, yesterday, the police and the detectives led him up to Alishan and found their bodies, and the case was solved.

Last year on June 5, there was a fire at Wu-Chang and the deceased, Hsieh (age 30), Wu (age 31), after the fire was put out, the police had trouble finding Hsieh and Wu, and couldn’t find any records from their credit card activities, suspected that they had both died.

The police reviewed the surveillance of the building, found that at around four that morning, Wu-Chang drove out, and the trunk of the car seemed a bit heavy, and, he’d drove all night back home to Alishan and back to northern Hsinchu, that it was really weird for him to do that.

At the very beginning, Wu-Chang told the police officers, that Wu was Hsieh’s spare, had depression, and had been beaten up by Hsieh, and that Hsieh had threatened to set Wu’s place in Taipei, as well as her family’s home in Tainan on fire, and said that he was told to get gas by Hsieh; and because the stories got very complicated, the case was deadlocked.

Last year in November, Wu-Chang went to the Detective Department and didn’t pass his polygraph, on January 27, the police asked him about the missing Hsieh and Wu, he’d still not passed the polygraph; the police busted Wu-Chang’s claims, including his lies of going back to Chiayi to get his military service slips, or headed home to visit his mother, etc., etc., etc., and they’d consoled him, “if you don’t come clean, this will follow you the rest of your life”, “you’re still quite young”, “eventually, we WILL find their bodies”, and finally, they’d gotten through to him, and he’d cried, as he wrote out his own confession of the murders.

Wu-Chang claimed that he’d met Wu when he was going to the night school division of technical high school, that later on, Wu and Hsieh set up a call station, and hired him to be the driver, they’d loaned him $20,000N.T. to buy the car, and, they’d taken his pay of $2,000N.T. a day, to pay for the ride, “I feel that I will never be able to pay it all up.”

He said, that Wu and Hsieh had used illegal substances to control their call girls, but libeled against how he was the one who did it, and threatened that they will go after his family, his girlfriend, he felt that he was threatened, after they’d gotten drunk on June 5th, he’d gotten into an argument with Wu and Hsieh, he’d used a USB cord, strangled Chang to death, then went to the bedrooms, and strangled Wu with the USB cord just as he’d done Hsieh, Wu became conscious, screamed, “What are you doing?”, but his rage overcame him, and he’d still murdered her.

Wu-Chang said, that he’d dragged their bodies onto the car, drove all night to Alishan to dump the bodies, then rushed back to the City of Chubei, and set the residence on fire in the afternoon.

The detectives disclosed, that after Wu-Chang committed the murders, he was extremely calm, as he’d driven to Chubei from Chiayi that afternoon, he’d used Hsieh’s car to get more gas, attempted to frame him.

Yesterday the detectives and police was led by Wu-Chang to Alishan to find the bodies, after the law enforcement officers offered the blessings, they’d smelled the rancid scent, and, not long thereafter, they’d found two sets of human remains, one was right on top of the other; the female skeleton showed a fracture in the jaws.  The two sets of remains were sent to the city morgue, the family members recognized that it was Wu and Hsieh from their clothes, and the coroner had taken samples to verify that it was their bodies.

And so, this young man murdered these two individuals, with such careful planning, and maybe it was a built-up from how he felt they were taking advantage of him, but, because his actions showed premeditation, he will probably have a heavier sentence, because, if this was done in the heat of the moment, then, he couldn’t have moved their bodies to the car, then, drive to the mountains, dumped their bodies, then, change into the man’s car to get more gas.

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A Wolf Scammed a Woman Six Times Said that He Was in Critical Condition…the Fortune Teller Busted Him

You need a FORTUNE-TELLER to tell you you WERE scammed???  Are you serious here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu claimed himself to be the manager of the Tae-Kwon-Do Association, used the excuse of being in critical condition in a hospital in China, to “borrow” a total of twenty million dollars from a manager, Wei, at a bank; Wei was truly worried about his conditions, asked a trusted fortune teller to predict how long Hsu will live, the fortune teller told her, “he’s very healthy, without any illnesses.”  She’d told the whole thing to her friend, and her friend believed she was scammed, and that, was when she’d sued Hsu, for lying to her and scamming money from her.

As the D.A. prosecuted the case, they were shocked to see that she was well-educated, and asked her, “How did he manage to scam you SIX times using such rough methods?”  Wei said, “I just fell in love for the wrong person.”

Hsu was charged with fraud, but he’d only admitted to getting a “loan” of twenty million dollars N.T. from Wei, that he didn’t scam her.  The Taipei District Attorney’s office asked Hsu for the records of his hospital stay in China and he couldn’t produce such documentations; and the D.A. reviewed his records of going abroad, and found, that during the time of his “hospital stay”, he was in and out of the country multiple times, they confirmed that Hsu had lied, and yesterday, they’d prosecuted him based off of fraud.

Based off of investigations, Wei is a female manager of a namely bank in Taiwan, was divorced, and desperately searching for another love; during 2010, Hsu took a tour group, where he’d met Wei, and learned that she was well-off, and started pursuing her.

At first, Hsu told Wei, that he was involved in a fraud investigation in Changhwa, needed a couple million dollars to bribe the judge, hoped that she’d helped him get the “publicity fees”; Wei worried that Hsu might get sent to jail, loaned him the amount.  When Wei asked Hsu to pay her back, he falsely claimed that his assets were frozen in North Korea, China, and Hong Kong, that he’d needed a couple million dollars more, so he could bribe the local officials to unfreeze his accounts, and, Wei had once more, loaned him the amount.

Later on, Hsu’s lies and scams got even grander, lied about how he was infected with something serious in Guanzhou, and because he needed the money to bribe the doctors for a vaccine, she’d begged Wei to wire-transfer him the money to China; Wei got worried about Hsu’s being sick, spent some money, to ask a master to tell his fortune for her, but the fortune teller told her, that Hsu was healthy as an ox.  Afterwards, Wei told everything to a friend of hers, the friend reminded her, “This may have been the act of a scam artist.”

Wow, you needed a fortune-teller, and, the reminder of your friend, to know, that wow, I AM being scammed?  How STUPID are you?  And, he was able to scam you SIX times, and, because you were so desperate to find love or whatever it was that you were searching for, that, was why you’d become an easy target, so people, DON’T appear TOO desperate, because that makes YOU an E-A-S-Y T-A-R-G-E-T!!!

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Final Resting Place

Thought that you were my final resting place, turned out that you were only a passing glance.  Lost myself in love, but regained a new sense of self at the end, or maybe it wasn’t even love, maybe it was only an infatuation, making me believe that I’d found something, turns out that I was searching for myself.  Took a long-needed rest, from my weary traveling days, after all, the point of rest is so that one can travel further, and boy, do I have long roads ahead of me, had to learn that the hard way, but glad of learning this lesson early in life.  Learned also to not constantly “look back” over where I’d been, again, the hard way.  Through all of this, I am glad, for I have achieved “growth”, and it is thru you that I learned to trust again, will always and forever be grateful for what you’d given me, even if it was only for a split-second.  That split-second lasted what seemed like an eternity to me, which I will always treasure.  But now, it’s time to move on, and thanks to you, I am no longer in fear of the unknown, after all, you never know what you’re capable of until you “ventured” into the unknown, the unchartered territories.

Felt beat, defeated, and weak at the beginning of all this, but no more.  Refuse to get beaten by “life”, decided that I will beat “life”, by taking chances with my heart, and just meet life head on, like the kind of head-on collision you see on the freeways.  Knowing what I know now, if I could go back in time, I still wouldn’t change a thing, or have it any other way…

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Confusing Codependence with Love

Yeah uh, am I the only SANE one ‘round here, tell me that you don’t see the DIFFERENCE between the two???  Hello, one word starts with a “c”, the other, an “l”???

And yet, I find it strange, that a TON (and yeah, that would be an UNDERESTIMATION, if you ask me!!!) people are confusing the two.  Confusing codependence with love, I see how that can happen, because at the start of your relationships, you feel the need, to cling onto one another, because that, is how infatuation works, but after awhile, when all the dusts settled, the clinginess became really annoying, and, suffocating too, if you don’t mind me sayin’ so, and even if you DO mind, uh, do I really C-A-R-E???  HECK no!!!

Confusing codependence with love, I find it really odd, I mean, how can someone be SO god DAMN mentally retarded (feel free to take ANOTHER offense there!!!), that they can’t even differentiate the two?  Confusing codependence with love, because, codependence feels just as warm and fuzzy as love does, but, the difference between codependence and love is that after that warm and fuzzy (it still might be G-A-S, you know???) feeling wears of, there would be that feeling of that NOOSE, tightening, ‘round your necks, and you’d slowly, suffocate.

So, don’t BE stupid (feel free to take ANOTHER offense if you want to!!!), and don’t mistake codependence with love, otherwise, you’d be the one who got SCREWED over at the very end of the game there, ‘k???

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I’m Like a Flower with No Name

I still have to apologize, for bursting all of y’all’s bubbles, found online, translated…

I’m like a flower without a name

With the seasons of rains and winds

In bloom, in this lonely world

Until you took me away

And planted me, inside of your heart

And so, I got a new name…… “Happiness”…

Yeah uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me, right???  I mean, IF you relied on someone to make your life meaningful, then, it’s gonna be a VERY long time, until you found meanings to your own lives, and this just shows, how easy it is, to fall for shits like those pointless claims of “I love you”, or whatever, and, this, is truly NOT the way that love SHOULD go at all if you ask me, but hey, W-H-O asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!

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