You’d Asked Out My Girl…the Young Model’s Boyfriend Threatened to Hurt the Man

Losers, “MARKING” their “territories” here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A twenty-eight year old fan, Wu awhile ago, asked a small-time model out to dinner, and this behavior had angered her boyfriend, Lu, and he’d stated online, that he was looking for a “hit man”, that if the person managed to beat the man who asked his girlfriend out will get $3,000N.T. extra, it’d made Wu fear, and, the police took the suspect in on charges of threats and harassments.

Lu admitted that he did use several emotional words online, but afterwards, he’d already deleted the message himself, he’d stressed, that Wu lied about going out with a group of people including his girlfriend, that in truth, he’d only wanted to ask his girlfriend out, and that she could bring along her boyfriend if she wanted to, that Lu was too worked up over it. The police investigations found out, that the young model who’s popularity is rising up quick awhile ago appeared in the Comic cosplay fest, and because the character she dressed up as is really cute, and it’d attracted a ton of fans to get their photos with her, and, Wu, one of her fans had even asked for her number.

But, Wu’s asking the young model out to eat had angered her boyfriend, Lu.  Lu and Wu had even started claiming their “property rights” on Facebook, “You asked my girl out, do you want to die?”  Wu replied, “Can’t two friends just hang out and dine together?  Are you not a bit obsessive!”

Afterwards, Lu wrote on his activities page, “Looking for a hit man, will pay $15,000N.T., and if a limb is broken, will pay $3,000N.T.s extra, if you’re interested, dial me privately, and you need not worry about the man’s family background of statuses.”, it’d made Wu fear, and he’d reported it to the police, and sued Lu for threatening him.

Wow, and so, that, would be what you get, when you’re way too famous, and, that’s just wrong, it’s like watching TWO dogs, PEEING and MARKING their properties, in this case, the woman would be the one, those two LOSERS leave their “markings” on, and, how come the woman doesn’t even HAVE a say, in WHO she wanted, I mean, after all, SHE is the cause of the argument, isn’t it???  And that still just shows how WRONG the values of these younger generations of people, they are using VIOLENCE, instead of REASONING to deal with their problems here.

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