Twenty-Nine Being Too Old Already~~a Call Girl Was Arrested, and Picked on

Yeah, uh-hum!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A twenty-nine year old call girl was found and arrested yesterday, she’d sighed on how she originally worked at a bar, but because the mayor of the city of Taipei started sweeping the occupations, and the business at the bar failed, and plus, she couldn’t win out with the younger girls, that, was why she’d started working at a call station, and the johns called her “old”, and she was arrested by the police, and had to pay a fine, she’d had her run of bad luck.

The police investigated, that Wang, who’d worked as a dancer at a pub on the east side, Wang, because she’d owed the loan sharks eight hundred thousand dollars N.T., plus at age twenty-nine, she was almost “elderly” in her career, and she couldn’t beat out the younger girls, that, was why she’d joined with the group of sex scammers.

The call station that Wang belonged to used “After Tea, Fish, the Meals”, and used LINE as a medium to get the johns, and the “delivery girls” are sold anywhere from $4,000N.T. to $15,000N.T., Wang is voluptuous, and has a name of being a transfer from a bar, she’d sold at $8,000N.T. for the starting prices.

Yesterday afternoon, she’d gone to a certain motel in Hsinbei City to see a john, she’d intentionally put on a Korean style mini-skirt that the younger girls wore, and the john said that the picture of her he saw was far off from her person, that she’s very “old”, and, after he’d masturbated to her, he’d tossed $200N.T.s, and told her to go away; Wang was displeased at what had happened, went up to the man who dropped her off, at which time, the police ambushing there took in over 20 condoms, and syringes for drugs, suspected that the driver, Wang and the call girl, Wang were also using illegal substances.

But, the two denied it, that the syringe was filled with lubricants to be injected into the condoms, that they weren’t using, and Wang said that she was all too unlucky, that the john only masturbated to her that it’d damaged her pride, and she was caught by the police too, and now, she’s out of money, to pay up her debts, after she was interrogated, she was taken in for violating the laws, and the driver, Wang was booked based off of obstructions of morality.

And because of how EASY it is, to use YOUR bodies to make a living, you do it, but, you can only “stay young” for so long, and what happens after you’re “expired”?  Are you going to start working as a pimp then?  And, if you ask me (but who asked Y-O-U???), this woman had it comin’…

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