“In the Lecture Halls of the University, Spreading of Western Values is Banned”

That, is how the “commies” do it still, feel free to take an offense, see if I care!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Head of the Department of Education in China, Yuan pointed out two days ago, that in the college classrooms, there would be a ban on the spread of western thoughts and values, and that there would be no allowing blasphemy of the leaders of the Communist Party, and those speeches that spoke up against the functioning of society; that teachers are NEVER to rant, or to verbalize their angers toward the world.

On the 29th, Yuan told on the “How to Increase and Improve and Innovate the Environment Which the High School (Colleges) Instructors Work in”, that the college professors are to follow the bottom lines of politics, of law, of morality.

Based off of the reports, there were officials from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiansu Educational Executive Departments, and Peking University, Chinghwa, Wuhan, Sandong and Xiamen University’s founder who’d showed up at the conferences.

Yuan stressed, that they must stress the forms of the classes, especially the materials taught in classes, as well as the classroom management issues.

He’d stated, that they must try to control the foreign publications in classes, to not allow ANY influential materials that allowed for the spread of western values inside the schools; there would be NO allowing blasphemy or libel and slander of the leaders of the Community Party, or any of the language that dissed socialism; and there would NOT be any thoughts of against the legislatures, or laws to spread through the class sessions; and there would be NO ranting by the professors in class, of spreading of their negative values to the pupils.

Yuan stressed, that they must enforce the theories, to introduce the Communist Party Leader, Xi’s beliefs into the materials they’re teaching in class, to the classrooms, to the pupils’ minds.  At the same time, to control the activities of the internet, to set up an easily manageable campus online network.

And that, is how a COMMUNIST run country operates, and hello, IF you banned ALL western thoughts from the schools, then, how many MAJORS would there be in your colleges???  Let’s see, philosophy is gone, as that, is western, remember Aristotle, Plato, etc., etc., etc., they’re NO Chinese, are they?  Nope, and, there’s NO social sciences majors either, as most of the theorists of those areas ARE from the western realm, and so, by doing so, China IS limiting the students, from having a WIDER, more WORLDLY view, which in turn, will only DESTROY the competitive edges of the people that are being “cranked out” from the systems!  And, in this case, COMMUNIST belief should also GET banned, shouldn’t it, as communism is developed by Karl Marx, so, why don’t you BAN that too, huh???

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