Adverse Environmental Effect

Welcome, to the NURTURE “segment” of the “show”…

These are the adverse environmental effects of our lives, we will be, whether or not we admit to ourselves, BE affected by the way the world works, because we are still, a very social species.  We rely on one another, to verify our own purposes, to validate our existences, and, if we don’t get the verifications or the validations we need, then, we don’t develop correctly.

Adverse environmental effects, NOBODY can dodge it, I mean, let’s face it, unless, you’re still, STUCK inside of YO mamas’ wombs, there’s NO way you can fight OFF the adverse effects from the environment outside of you.

Adverse environmental effects, they’re hurting us, and, we are, affected by how others feel about, say to us, and there’s just NO way, we can, keep ALL the noises O-U-T, because we are a very social animal, and, we thrive on interactions with the outside world.

So, there is, NO way you can dodge the consequences of these adverse environmental effects, unless, unless you can TUNE the world out, and, get TUNED into yourselves, like I’m still currently doing right now………

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