Sins Against Her Dolls

Here we are again, in the Doll Corner…

It got dark, late one night, when someone came, and committed an unspeakable sin to her, and, the following night, she’d done it, to her dolls.

Sins against her dolls, she’d shook them violently, threw them against the wall, and, while some shattered (b/c they were made of porcelain), others only had bruises and bumps.  Sins against her dolls had been committed, every single night, after her parents went to bed, after they’d fought for at least three hours, but who’s counting?

Sins against her dolls, because she couldn’t tell her parents what that uncle was doing to her, so, she’d taken it all out, on her dolls, she’d treated that male Teddy especially mean, and, she’d molested all the girl dolls on her bed, and, at the very end, she still remembered, to kiss them gently, after she’d raped, and molested and beaten the CRAP out of them all.

Sins against her dolls, nobody ever found out, until one day, her mother went through her stuff after she’d moved out, she’d found, the dead corpses of her broken dolls, and that, was when the truth, started, slipping out, very slowly………

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Filed under Abandonment of Children, Abuse, Awareness, Coping Mechanisms, Socialization

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