The Holiday to DUMP the High-Tech Products, Returning to the Better Times Before


<The Kidnappers of Our Lives>

My colleague showed off her brand new cell phone to me, told me how the moment her last contract expired, she’d taken her cell phone numbers, switched to another provider.  “This company has better receptions.  The company I was with last year, I couldn’t even manage to send out one single text message on New Year’s Eve, it’s so infuriating.”

Meeting up with the girlfriends, naturally, a group photo is a must, normally, the cell phones would do the trick, but, not today, my girlfriends mysterious flashed the brand new camera, “this one has amazing photoshop abilities, you wouldn’t need the computer program if you have this one!”, then, they’d photographed all the dishes served, because “there’s the ‘gourmet’ mode!  The foods photographed using this mode will look even more savory.”

A former class member from my college days posted photos of his entertainment systems at home, “it’s so fun, playing the video games right now!”

All of these, had been done over and over again, but, we’re all, truly, kidnapped, by the high-tech products here.

Meeting up with the friends for an outing; headed out to hang out, photographs always preceded taking in the scenes; as the weather gets hot, we must have the AC blasting on all night long, everybody has a laptop in her/his lap.

“I’m finding it harder and harder to recall how we’d managed to live so long.”  On a certain day, my friend smiled and told me.  “One day, I forgot my cell.  To tell you the truth, the moment I’d discovered that I’d left it at home, I was sweating out cold sweats.  But, later on, I’d thought, I never had any cell phones from way, way, way back when, my very first cell was a gift for my eighteenth birthday, the year I’d gone to college!  And, from before, I’d lived on fine, didn’t I?”

Yeah sure, recalling how fifteen, twenty years ago, when there aren’t that many channels on television, there’s only a few programs on, and, we only had landlines; compared to now, there are a ton of films online, series, for us to choose from, and, there are more than a million functions on the cell phones………such a great difference, and we are, quickly, being kidnapped too.

Can we set up a day, to ditch all these “kidnappers”?

<Turn Off ALL High-Tech Products>

Turn off the cell phones, or, just, “forget” to bring it, underneath your pillows at home, don’t take it with you!  Allowing yourselves, to not feel guilty for not picking up, you will find, that there’s this leisure feeling that will overcome you, you no longer needed to get agitated with the ringtones from your cell, nor do you need to stare at the screens of the cell phones, and, fret about whether or not you should pick up on these annoying calls.

On this day, turn off your televisions, your computers, forget about the cameras too, just head outdoors, to get in tune with nature.  How long was it, since you were able to, enjoy the sun?  Going for a picnic sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?  Living a life of leisure is the simplest kind of bliss.  And, you wouldn’t need to read too much into how beneficial to your health going on this outing is, just, step out of the house, and, get all of your friends who’d started to interact with you from just online out too, to see one another in person, to catch up on the old times.

Actually, before photographing the foods and the scenes, the most important thing is, did you manage, to record the images of these gourmet foods, these scenes into the memory disks of your minds?  On this day without your digital camera, the best way to remember is by savoring it, by feeling it, from the outside, and, take it all in.

If you’re really not wanting the troubles of heading out, then, how ‘bout cracking open a book?  Or maybe, just stare into space and daydream a bit, rolling around on your bed sounds nice too, huh?  How long’s it since you’d put your focus back on yourself?

There are too many additives to our lives.  Those inventions are originally made to make our lives better, but, after a long time, it’d become the culprit, to losing our lives.

From all of these new and interesting high-tech products, sure, we’d gotten a ton of enjoyments, created more conversation topics, our times are marching forward because of them too.  But, we’d still need to have time, to remind us of what we once had, what’s disappearing slowly right now.

So, set up a date, allow ourselves, to take a break away, from the fast pace of the world.  After we’d gotten a breather, we will be able to, return, back to our lives, with a big old grin!

And so, maybe, it’s time, to take a mini break, away from the high-tech products, after all, our lives are being kidnapped by these modern day inventions, how long has it been, since you actually engaged in an in-depth human conversation, where the two of you just sat at a café or something, enjoying one another’s company?  Exactly, so, turn off those cell phones, I-Pads, laptops or whatever, and, ENJOY yourselves for a short bit, ‘cuz work ain’t goin’ NOWHERE, it’ll still be here when you get back!

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