The Driver Who’d Murdered a Couple in Brutality, Dumped Their Bodies, Then, Burned the House

Let’s DISSECT what made him “crack” then, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The driver at a call station, Wu-Chang, because he was suspected of feeling dissatisfied of his bosses, Hsieh and Wu for loaning him the money to buy the transfer cars, then, deducted his pay for the vehicle, and accused him to dealing drugs, last year in June, while they got drunk, he’d strangled both of them to death, dumped their bodies in Alishan, then, went back to their rental home, set the place ablaze, to create the façade that the two had a fight, and, after they committed arson, they both went missing.

Because Hsieh and Wu disappeared after the fire, it’s like they’d evaporated off of the surface of the planets, the police suspected that something awful had happened to both of them, and zoomed in on Wu-Chang (age 22)who stayed with them; but, “no body, no crime”, until awhile ago, when Wu-Chang failed his polygraph twice, he finally came clean, yesterday, the police and the detectives led him up to Alishan and found their bodies, and the case was solved.

Last year on June 5, there was a fire at Wu-Chang and the deceased, Hsieh (age 30), Wu (age 31), after the fire was put out, the police had trouble finding Hsieh and Wu, and couldn’t find any records from their credit card activities, suspected that they had both died.

The police reviewed the surveillance of the building, found that at around four that morning, Wu-Chang drove out, and the trunk of the car seemed a bit heavy, and, he’d drove all night back home to Alishan and back to northern Hsinchu, that it was really weird for him to do that.

At the very beginning, Wu-Chang told the police officers, that Wu was Hsieh’s spare, had depression, and had been beaten up by Hsieh, and that Hsieh had threatened to set Wu’s place in Taipei, as well as her family’s home in Tainan on fire, and said that he was told to get gas by Hsieh; and because the stories got very complicated, the case was deadlocked.

Last year in November, Wu-Chang went to the Detective Department and didn’t pass his polygraph, on January 27, the police asked him about the missing Hsieh and Wu, he’d still not passed the polygraph; the police busted Wu-Chang’s claims, including his lies of going back to Chiayi to get his military service slips, or headed home to visit his mother, etc., etc., etc., and they’d consoled him, “if you don’t come clean, this will follow you the rest of your life”, “you’re still quite young”, “eventually, we WILL find their bodies”, and finally, they’d gotten through to him, and he’d cried, as he wrote out his own confession of the murders.

Wu-Chang claimed that he’d met Wu when he was going to the night school division of technical high school, that later on, Wu and Hsieh set up a call station, and hired him to be the driver, they’d loaned him $20,000N.T. to buy the car, and, they’d taken his pay of $2,000N.T. a day, to pay for the ride, “I feel that I will never be able to pay it all up.”

He said, that Wu and Hsieh had used illegal substances to control their call girls, but libeled against how he was the one who did it, and threatened that they will go after his family, his girlfriend, he felt that he was threatened, after they’d gotten drunk on June 5th, he’d gotten into an argument with Wu and Hsieh, he’d used a USB cord, strangled Chang to death, then went to the bedrooms, and strangled Wu with the USB cord just as he’d done Hsieh, Wu became conscious, screamed, “What are you doing?”, but his rage overcame him, and he’d still murdered her.

Wu-Chang said, that he’d dragged their bodies onto the car, drove all night to Alishan to dump the bodies, then rushed back to the City of Chubei, and set the residence on fire in the afternoon.

The detectives disclosed, that after Wu-Chang committed the murders, he was extremely calm, as he’d driven to Chubei from Chiayi that afternoon, he’d used Hsieh’s car to get more gas, attempted to frame him.

Yesterday the detectives and police was led by Wu-Chang to Alishan to find the bodies, after the law enforcement officers offered the blessings, they’d smelled the rancid scent, and, not long thereafter, they’d found two sets of human remains, one was right on top of the other; the female skeleton showed a fracture in the jaws.  The two sets of remains were sent to the city morgue, the family members recognized that it was Wu and Hsieh from their clothes, and the coroner had taken samples to verify that it was their bodies.

And so, this young man murdered these two individuals, with such careful planning, and maybe it was a built-up from how he felt they were taking advantage of him, but, because his actions showed premeditation, he will probably have a heavier sentence, because, if this was done in the heat of the moment, then, he couldn’t have moved their bodies to the car, then, drive to the mountains, dumped their bodies, then, change into the man’s car to get more gas.

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