My Maternal Grandfather


On a winter’s afternoon, my maternal grandfather was gone, as he took a nap on the lounge chair.

Before he’d died, my maternal grandfather would read the dates of various things for others, and now that he’s gone, we’d asked his student, to pick out a good day to bury him.  And, grandpa probably knew too, that the time is approaching, that, was why he’d stated, on his ninetieth birthday to us, “My deeds are done”, and he’d also started telling us of his final affairs, “the one who watched over the nights can close the front door and sleep in the living room.”

After the funeral, I didn’t want to stay in that dark, cold house at all, and so, I’d gone to the backyard to get some sun, then, I saw, the potted plants that my maternal grandfather had taken care of, some lined up by the fences, some hung perpendicular to the roof by the wall, some placed, flat on the ground.  There must’ve been over a hundred of these potted plants of all shapes and sizes.  Where there are no potted plants, there was several cardboard boxes and plastic bottles, for the sake of recycle, and these, were collected by my maternal grandfather, for the uncle who’d picked up the recycled materials and sold them for money.

I’d stood, between the potted plants, as I admired the roses, along with a ton of other plants I couldn’t name, I just couldn’t bear to leave the backyard, because the sun of the wintertime became extremely warming, like how my maternal grandfather had treated others with kindness, and the love he had, for his family.

And so, you’d come back, to this small corner in the backyard, to remember, to miss, to recall your maternal grandfather, and, although he had died, the legacy he left behind is still being carried on, whether or not you’re aware of it, and that just shows, how the effects of a person’s life transcends beyond life and death.

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