Loneliness, Our Constant Companion

Here, c’mere, boy!!!

Loneliness, our constant companion, that, was what we “shared”, and, the good thing about loneliness, is that you don’t need to worry about it peeing and pooping all over the places, oh no, it’d been “housebroken”, before it was given to us, as company.

Loneliness, our constant companion, I feel lonelier, and lonelier these days, especially when you’re around me, and I can’t figure out why!  And, being lonely with you around, well, it’s just weird, and, it hurt even more, than when I’m lonely alone.

Loneliness became our constant companion, and it became, the only thing we HAD (past tense!!!) in common, until, until I’d pulled the plug on this no longer in existent love.  Loneliness became our constant companion, and, being lonely with you around, well, it hurt me more, compared to when it’s just me and loneliness together…

Loneliness, our constant companion, I can’t even recall back to the day when loneliness first came, what was the day like, was it, sunny, without a single dark cloud in the skies, or, was it raining cats AND dogs, like it’s right now???

Loneliness, our constant companion, it will eventually, grow old, and die, then what?  We won’t have it as a “buffer” between us, then, how, would we cope with living right next to one another?  Loneliness, our constant companion, I just hope, that loneliness will outlive us both……but, you never know for sure though………

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