I’m Like a Flower with No Name

I still have to apologize, for bursting all of y’all’s bubbles, found online, translated…

I’m like a flower without a name

With the seasons of rains and winds

In bloom, in this lonely world

Until you took me away

And planted me, inside of your heart

And so, I got a new name…… “Happiness”…

Yeah uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me, right???  I mean, IF you relied on someone to make your life meaningful, then, it’s gonna be a VERY long time, until you found meanings to your own lives, and this just shows, how easy it is, to fall for shits like those pointless claims of “I love you”, or whatever, and, this, is truly NOT the way that love SHOULD go at all if you ask me, but hey, W-H-O asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!

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Filed under Codependence, Coping Mechanisms, Cost of Living, Messed Up Values, Relationship

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