Selling Fears, Murdering the Economy

Commentaries on the Front Page Sections, translated…

Selling fears is a cheap trick that the politicians use, to threaten the public.  Several of the legislators of the minority party used the claims of national safety, to question the motive behind letting more Chinese travelers to tour in Taiwan, and now opening up the islands off shore as exiting points for the tourists from China, is one example of this.

Selling fears, is called by the international economists and psychologists as a “derailing risk taking behavior.”  The Canadian columnist, Gardner pointed out, that fear is the dream tool of politicians, they’d enlarged the issues of carcinogens, bird flu, SARS, H1N1, mad cow disease, chemical pesticides, nuclear wastes, terrorist attacks, genetically altered foods, global warming, stalkers online, kidnappers, the longer the list of fear grows, the more they’re able to, benefit from it.

What we need to fear the most, is actually, fear itself.  The American National Security consultant said, human, culture, and countries would only pick out a couple of the risks in the societies, and ignored all the others.  The professor of the NTU hospital, Lee stated, that risk is the plans of winners, and excuse of losers.  These two lines, we should think deeply about.

And so, are you, smart enough, to NOT fall for these tricks of the press, of the government?  Can you really, be completely, unaffected by these bad things that are threatening your next-door neighborhoods?  I dunno!


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