Tricks that the Magic Mirror Played…

Since Day One as the Evil Queen took OVER Snow White’s father’s household, she’d gone to that Magic Mirror of hers, and asked it who is the prettiest of them all…

And, after awhile, the Magic Mirror got tired of lying to the Evil Queen, because she’s aging, and, no longer young as the days keep marching on and on, and on.

The Magic Mirror started playing tricks on the Evil Queen, fearing its own life, it’d started, showing the Evil Queen what she wanted to see, and, the Evil Queen was lured, into that false sense of security, of how she was still, the fairest of them all.

Tricks that the Magic Mirror played, because there are still, too many, out in this world, who are still, too TRAPPED by the way they looked, and they’d ended up, doing what they can (face lifts, skin chemical peels, facials, plastic surgeries, etc., etc., etc.) to keep their youths intact, and now, as someone stands in front of the Magic Mirror and asked it, “Who’s the prettiest of them all?”, the Magic Mirror, from saving ITS own sorry ass, merely reflected a younger version of the person………

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Filed under Coping Mechanisms, Life, Perspectives, Properties of Life, Pursuits of Pointless Things, Queen Tina's Fables

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