The Unexpected Empty Nest

Here comes, that emptiness, and, it’s finally, hittin’ ya, isn’t it???  Translated…

My eldest is a junior in university, is already prepping for the internship that he’d signed on for; my second child is in her last year of high school, and because she’s about to take the college entrance exams, she’s working hard, to study, and heads out early and comes home late; as for my youngest, is a first-year high school student, is still, trying to adapt to the new scheduling of the high school, busying in the extracurricular activities.

With my children growing up one by one, I’d finally have my own space, they no longer needed me to pick them up, it’d made me feel loss, and I’m having some minor difficulties, adjusting to this.

One day, I felt the spare times creeping up on me again, I was flipping the channels, aimlessly, using the remote, and I’d seen the ads for “Certifications of Hakka Dialect Abilities”, and I’d thought, now that I have all this spare time, and I’m of that descent, why not give it a try.  And so, I’d signed on, to take the tests, and, gladly, I was able to sail through the most basic level, to the most advanced without any difficulty, I’m really glad of this, because it proves that I still have the abilities.

With this brand new beautiful beginning, it’d increased my confidence level, and, ever since, I’d gotten really into taking examinations.  One day, my friend came over to hang out, and, in our casual conversations, she’d said, “the county governments would hold the extra exams for teachers, and, there’s the item of dialects, why don’t you try it, maybe, you can add one more identity to you.”

On that very night, I couldn’t wait to tell this news to my husband, after he’d heard, he supported me, he said, “honey, you’d worked really hard for this family for over two decades, and now, the kids are all grown, it’s time, that you started living for yourself, if you want to try, then, go on ahead, I will be behind you all the way.”, with his words, my heart felt settled, I wasn’t afraid of anything anymore.

On the day of the examinations, as I’d taken the forms I’d filed, entered into the testing place, “Wow, so many people!”, all of sudden, the courage it took, for me to sign up for the examinations came crumbling down.

My husband saw my unsettlement, held tightly to my hands, whispered lightly into my ears, “hon, you can totally do this!”

Thanks for the blessings, Lady Luck came to bless me once more, I’d gotten in.  As I was picking up my examination grades, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I can be a teacher now, I was so overjoyed.

And now, I’m busy, and fulfilled, other than working at the school, in my spare time, I’d also written articles, to earn the money for my submissions, and I’d published some Hakka children’s verses, wrote Hakka play scripts, and had taken my students to countless Hakka competitions, my life is really colorful, and fulfilled, and when my kids wanted to ask me out, they’d had to make appointments.

Thinking back, the empty nest isn’t as empty as we thought it would be, so long as you planned ahead, face it with courage, welcome it, then, you can have a fulfilled life during this period of your life too.

And so, this woman’s stresses was seen from the beginning, but, she’d decided, to NOT allow her empty nest get to her, she’d started fulfilling her dreams, and with the support of her husband, she’d managed her empty nest relatively well.

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  1. It truly is about planning which many give little thought to until…

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