Help Put an Unknown Strangers Through School

It’s all, out of the goodness, the kindness of my heart, or, is it now???

Help put unknown strangers through school, because I feel the need, to overcompensate, for not being there, when my offspring were getting raised up, because I had to work, after all, money still doesn’t grow on TREES, does it?  Naturally N-O-T!!!

And so, when I’d made a lot of money, I’d started, making UP for not being there for my kids when they were younger, but, they’re all, all grown up now, and so, I’d turned my “assistance”, in another direction, started, helping put those strangers’ children who are not well-to-do, who are from poverty stricken regions, through school.

Help put unknown strangers through school, it’d gained me the reputation of being someone who’s generous, who’s too kind, who tries to help someone in need, but, in truth and reality, I’m only, merely, trying to fill up that void inside of me, from missing out on my own offspring’s coming-of-age processes…

So, IS, helping to put unknown strangers through school, an act of kindness from you in this case???  Of course N-O-T, and, yeah, maybe those strangers’ children will be grateful, and call you “daddy”, but because you’d missed out on your own children’s growth processes, they are now, not dealing with you, and it still wouldn’t be because they were UNGRATEFUL for you for SHOVING those hundred U.S. dollars at a time UP their FUCKED up asses!

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