Promise of a New Start

Giving someone false hope here???

Promise of a new start, you’d given to me, and I didn’t know, that that, was just one of many promises, that you’d never had the intentions of fulfilling, and I was simply, just way too young, way too inexperienced, and way too trusting of you, I guess…

The promise of a new start, I’d lived on, this false fantasy that you’d handed to me, and, because the cruel, cold reality, of you, never doing what is right is simply, too hard, for me to handle, and so, I’d lived in this, picture-perfect lie you’d painted me.

The promise of a new start, is it, ever, going to get fulfilled?  I guess not, I’d waited, for so very long, and, I’m already, very old and gray, waiting on this promise, to get fulfilled by someone else, I’d allowed someone else, to delegate my happiness, when I’m the one who should BE in charge, of my own happiness, well, I’d come to this realization way too late, it’s too late, for me, to make a new start for myself now.  My body grows weaker by the day, and, each step I’m taking right now, became harder than the last, guess, that’s a price I pay???

The promise of a new start, don’t buy into it, because, people are going to promise you things of wonder, and, they don’t need to fulfill these promises that you took to be real to you, and in the end, you’d get let down, over, over, over, and over again, and, became, a product of disappointment!

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