A Peace Offering Came in the Mail Today…

Not from inspiration here, but from what’s currently happenin’, in my freakin’ life…

A peace offering came in the mail today, it was, an I-Pad mini, wow, I’d never seen such a thing!  (yeah, uh, right…) Guess W-H-O it was from?  That LOSER, DEADBEAT father of mine!

Guess he’s still guilt-ridden, for what he called me, an INGRATE, from back in 2008?  I suppose, and, he was still, WAY too GOD DAMN NAÏVE, to think that he can make up for ALL the years (and that would be FORTY-One years in counting (8 for my dearest DEAD baby girl, Emily, and the thirty-three for moi!) he’d done me wrong, I’m guessing?  Well, you ain’t NEVER getting that deadbeat father of mine, and, what the F*** (all MAXED out here, remember???) was that?  You think you can fucking make up for what you’d stolen from me, and that would be???  Oh yeah, my ENTIRE life, and NOT pay for your sins?  Guess again!

And that, just still shows, you all, how M***ER F***ING RETARDED all of them are, what the hell?  You can’t just make up for something you’d done to someone else that’s bad, with a gift, or a simple apology, the damages are already DONE, plus, it wasn’t AS if I was horse playing while they were cooking, and the water got splashed, ALL over my body, and I got burnt, if that were the case, then, yeah, I HAD it coming, but it wasn’t like that at all…

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