A Soft-Spoken Woman Who’s Able-Bodied in Her Field of Work

The features of a woman, translated…

Lily was a classmate of mine from middle school, we were very close.  Even though she looked ordinary, but she has lips made of sugar and honey, and would offer people compliments, made a ton of friends, and, everybody wants to be her friend.

After she’d graduated from business high school, she was introduced to her husband, and after they wed, they’d moved to Mexico to live.  Her husband works in industrial designs, but she has NO clue of how that worked.  And because Lily doesn’t like getting bored, and she didn’t want to just stay at home and sit, so she’d started her own business.  And because she’s articulate, and always wears a smile on her face, so, her business is heading up, in the end, her husband gave up his own career, and worked alongside her in business.

Two years ago, Lily’s son wanted to start in business in Taiwan, in order to help him, she’d given up on the career she’d worked so hard to set up in Mexico, moved back to Taiwan.  I’d asked her, if she’s adjusted to the lifestyle and the tempo of living in Taipei?  Her face showed to this bliss, as she’d replied, “Everything’s wonderful in Taiwan, of course I’m well-adjusted.”

Then she’d told me, that although she had a good life in Mexico, but everyday, she worried that she might get robbed, as they lived in Mexico, they’d been robbed four times already.  She said, that you must dress like you’re poor in Mexico, and that she’d used recycled bags as her purse, otherwise, you’d get robbed easily on the streets; that Taiwan is better, safe, free, no need to worry about the dangers of being robbed.

At the end, she’d said something that impressed me deeply, “Women, no matter how capable and able-bodied, should behave like a little girl in front of their men, to transfer all the credits to men, so, he can feel proud about himself.”

Seeing how Lily stood, soft-spoken, before her tall and handsome husband, she’d infected me with the bliss of her marriage too.

And so, this still shows how a woman must be multifaceted, this woman she’d played multiple roles, she’s a strong woman in business, and, in front of her husband she’d behaved like a coy little girl, so he can feel like a man, who’s the breadwinner of the house, and yeah, that may work, for this woman, but hey, when you losers are not around, and, OMG, there’s a cockroach, do we, start screaming like little girls, or do we take up our shoe, and WHACK!!!  Exactly!

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