Paying Off His Parents’ Debts to a Man

 A child was sent, to a sweat factory somewhere, to pay off his parents’ debts to a man, he was pulled out of school, so he could repay his parents’ debts.

So, this kid, he woke at five, got dressed, and, started working at the factories or sweatshops or whatever, with the diminishing memories of his former life, where he had the chance, of getting an education at school, with his peers, and now, he forced himself, to shake off all of those thoughts, because he must, learn to adapt, in this harsh reality of his, his parents, they’d SOLD him as a laborer, to a man, that they’d owed debts to, and, until he finally paid UP what was owed plus interests, he will never be free!

This, is actually happening, in the neighborhoods, beyond THIS white-picket fence of ours, just little bit down the road, where the ghettos are?

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Filed under Abuse, Awareness, Cost of Living, Early Exposures, Growing Up Too Fast, Messed Up Values, Perspectives, Properties of Life, Social Awareness

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