“Raped by a Martian”, a Drug Abuse Suspect Called the Police and Was Arrested

Because you took too much of those hallucinogens, that you’re now, hallucinating???  From the Newspapers, translated…

“I’m being raped by multiple Martians, come help save me!”, a bargirl, Lo reported yesterday morning that she was being raped, and insisted that her boyfriend, Cheng took out the photos of “eight Martians” as “evidence”, and she’d even told the officers, “the Martians are glowing, can’t you all see that?”  And all the officers saw were, packets of drugs, wrapped up like coffee satchels all over the floors, the police arrested the two individuals there on possessions of illegal substances.

Yesterday at eight in the morning, when the police got to Lo’s suite in the hotel, they’d found Lo and Cheng in a haze.  The police ignored their rantings, and confirmed that the thirteen packets of coffee all over the hotel room floors contained illegal substances, arrested them based off of possession charges, and, as Lo became lucid after she got taken into the precinct, she’d asked them, “What, are you saying?”

So, my guess, would be that the drugs that this woman used was a hallucinogen???  And, that just shows, that even IF you’d only used just a little bit of drugs, that you thought would have NO harmful effects on your bodies and minds, you still can’t BE certain, of the damages that those illegal substances can do to your systems, so, just stay AWAY from using!  Unless, you want to be like this woman, without recollection of what happened when she was in a daze, and found herself inside the police station, wondering, WHAT, had just happened to her!


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