Fallen, without ANY Warning Signs, the Thoughts of a Man

The close call of a hard-working man, translated…

A little over two decades ago, as my wife gave birth to my two lovers from a past life, they’d circled around me, filled my life with happiness.  In order to keep up with my physical health, I’d decided, to jog every single day.

I’d gone online, to research the right postures, the basic equipments I will need, and asked my runner friends what to watch out for when exercising, then, I’d started off from zero, do the best I could, and kept the ideal of persistence, started running, from a few meters, to a few hundred meters at a time.

At first, I’d become “asthmatic”, and my legs would become really stiff afterwards, but, for the sake of my family and love, I’d used my persistence, to help carry me through, unless it’s under adverse weather conditions, I’d never stopped running.  Later on, I can easily finish a standard marathon, and I’d even gotten involved in the super marathons that lasted for twenty-four hours at a time, twice consecutively.

And I was able to run into the realms of the running competitions’ standard in the 2013 24-hour supermarathon of 200K’s, and this I’d gotten, after I’d turned forty too.  For me, practice running every single day became my leisure activity that relaxes me.  And the feeling that surfaced after I ran was, “my body is flowing smoothly”, and, any food is delicious, this, is the enjoyment of my life.

At the start of last September, I’d taken the advantage of my daughter’s waiting for her graduate school to being, we drove to Fu-Shou Mountain, and Wuling Farm, as everything was going so smoothly and well, all of a sudden, the back of my neck became stiffened, and I wanted to throw up, the right side of my body became paralyzed and I couldn’t move, thankfully, my eldest daughter found me in time, and, she’d transferred three ambulances with me, as she rushed me to the Changgang Hospital in Linkou.

I was in a comatose for two days,a nd I woke, and, I saw my lovers from a past life, along with the lover of this lifetime, and,l I’d felt their stresses and worries over me, how they’d cried their eyes out for me, the following seventeen days of hostpailization, had troubled my family even more.

I was in the acute neurosurgery department, almost everybody was bald, from their surgeries, on I was beyond lucky, only felt dizzy and headachy, but that kind of headache is similar to how the Monkey King felt when he was wearing his head gear, it was beyond descriptions. Later on, I’d leared, that I had subarachnoid hemorrhage, the most dangerous kind of stroke in the brains.  Based off of what I was told, about a-third of the patients at the moment they fell down, died, and I’m now, living an ordinary life, and the doctor said, that my hemorrhage was caused by unspecified reasons.

Some say that I’m beyond blessed, but I believe, that it was my eldest daughter who’d discovered me in time, along with my wife’s decision-making skills, along with the blessings from up above.  The doctor told me that I must take it easy for two months after my release, and still, for someone who exercised regularly, who is usually without ailments, it’s too difficult, and so, my family members would accompany to the school fields, to take long strolls, or to jog.  And, last year, when I got the invitation to the international 24-hour super marathon, I couldn’t go, but I’m looking forward to that day, that I can once more, leap again!

And so, this, is what you get, when you’d pushed yourselves too hard, or you’re just simply refusing to face the facts, that you are aged, you’d pushed yourselves too far, and, you didn’t pay any heed to the warnings of your bodies, and, that, was why you had a hemorrhage, and now, you’re better, you still want to try to return to from before, but, you’re learning, to take things slower, so, you did learn your lessons from your near-dying experience, and hopefully, this man will not push himself too far again!

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