A Newborn Infant Was Snatched From the Birth Care Center, Ten Hours Later, She Was Found Safe

Right under your noses, but gladly, this baby was found, safe and sound, THIS time, what about the NEXT time this sort of SHIT happens???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-three year old woman, Jeng went to a afterbirth care center, wearing a face mask, claimed that she was a mother of one of the kids and needed to breastfeed, a nurse who’d just started working there believed her claims, handed over a young baby girl to her, and when she realized that something wasn’t right, Jeng already took off in a cab; ten hours after the police were notified, they’d arrested Jeng and returned the infant girl to her parents.

The police investigated, that Jeng was married, and was with histories of miscarriages, the family said, that she might be unstable because of her miscarriages, that was why she’d behaved in such a way.  Last night, as Jeng brought the baby girl home to her family, said, “this is a child I’d had away from home, I’m bringing her home now”, back then, the family felt that something wasn’t right.

The poice said, that there had been two more times before when Jeng had behaved like this, once was when she was waiting to be seen by the doctors, she saw a baby, and asked, “is this cute baby for sale?”, the family took the infant, and rushed  off.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeng had a surgical mask on, with dark colored overcoat, walked into a birth care center in Kaohsiung, walked to the second floor nursery, said to a nurse who just started working on that day said, “I’m the mom, and I’m here, to feed my baby.”

The new nurse didn’t doublecheck, handed the infant to Jeng.  And in order to cover her tracks, Jeng took the elevator to the fifth floor, then, walked back to the first, went outside from the back door of the birth care center, flagged down a cab, then left.

The rookie nurse later felt that it was odd that Jeng was wearing a mask, she’d rushed out, but Jeng had already taken off.  The nurse knew she’d done something bad, she’d immediately rushed to the mother’s room, then told her supervisor, along with other officials, then she’d run on Mingde Road to try to find the child.  She’d searched for forty minutes nonstop, still couldn’t find her, and the nurse who didn’t doublecheck, and the mother of the infant girl, along with a few others rushed to the subprecinct to report the infant girl missing.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and chased the leads, found the cab that Jeng took, but, because of privacy issues, the taxi team refused to tell the police how they can get in touch with the driver.  At which time, the mother of the infant posted the incident of how her child was snatched onto Facebook, asked the help of the public.  A person who knew Jeng saw it, believed that Jeng could be the one who took the child, the person gave the information of Jeng to the mother; at a little past nine in the evening, the police rushed to Jeng’s residence, and found the female infant in the crib, and Jeng and her husband were sound asleep close by.

The Daddy Was Shocked: This, is Outrageous

“This, is outrageous!”, the parents of the child taken by Jeng, the Kuos took their daughter into their arms from the police, they were still shocked.

The baby girl was only two weeks old, and she was the Kuos’ firstborn.  The father of the baby girl said, that the daughter was born in Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung, but there wasn’t any room in the nursery, so, they’d moved into the ward on the sixth, of this particular afterbirth care center, “I hadn’t even given her a name yet, and she was snatched!”

The father stated, that as his wife was getting ready to pick up the baby from the nursery at noon, the moment she’d walked out of her ward, she’d found that the carriage was empty, she’d rushed to the nursery, and she’d broken down after she realized, that her child was snatched.

Because of work, the man can only come home once a month, he was originally coming home to see his baby girl tonday, and yesterday, he was told that she was snatched, he’d rushed home immediately.

“This, is OUTRAGEOUS!”, he’d exclaimed, the baby snatcher just said a woman’s name at random, the first day rookie worker handed his daughter to her, “there should BE a set rule of how things is done in these afterbirth care centers, right?  How can you just hand a child off to any certain stranger?”

And this, is due to the rookie worker’s mistake, for not crosschecking her references, but, the baby is found, and the woman who’d snatched her away was probably trying to fill that void from her own loss, perhaps, who knows, and, thanks to Facebook, this infant WAS discovered, safe, and unharmed…

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