“I Absolutely Didn’t See Her”, a Tow Truck Driver Ran Over a Seventy-Year-Old Woman

How can you MISS a HUMAN BEING???  It’s an tragic accident, I suppose, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Hsu yesterday was riding from Wanhua to Banciao to attend a gathering for elderly folks, as she’d walked across the intersection of Wen-Hua and Ju-Guan Road, she was hit by a large-scale tow truck that was making a left turn, she’d died on the scene, after the accident, the driver, Liu told the police, “I didn’t see her at all”, the police suspected that it was the blind spot of the driver that’s caused this traffic accident death.

As the paramedics rushed to the scene, they’d found Hsu, with broken bones all over her body, clearly, she was already dead, so they’d given up on trying to resuscitate her.  Afterwards, the police notified her next of kin, as her children saw how her mother died, she’d started crying, and, Liu and her daughters kept apologizing the family.

The police investigations found, that the seventy-nine year old elderly woman was cross the road at eleven thirty in the morning, going toward Ju-Guan Road, Liu (age 59) was driving a large-scale towtruck, turning left, going toward the MRT Xinpu Station, and, was suspected to have obstructed view by the arms of the tow, and the arms of the tow first, knocked Hsu over, then, the car ran over her.

The police stated, that Liu wasn’t at all intoxicated, and that his large tow truck has a legal permit to be on the roads too, that neither parties was breaking the laws, but because Hsu was crossing at the cross sections, she has the right of way, and so, Liu is to take full responsibility, and after they’d interrogated him, they’d already taken him in on negligence causing death, and had taken the tow truck that hit the woman in.

The police called out, that as the drivers bumped into the pedestrians at the crosswalks, even if the drivers’ lights are green, they still must slow their speed down; even though pedestrians have the right of way, but they’d still must watch the roads, “don’t believe that all drivers are going to be attentive!”, to prevent tragedies from occurring.

So, this, is a case of pure accident, and because the tow truck is huge, therefore, it has a larger blind spot, and, it’s due to the driver’s carelessness to not check twice, that, was why the elderly woman got killed.

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