Her Endless Pursuit of Beauty

She’d learned, since she was a child, that only the beautiful gets everything!  And so, she’d started, on that endless pursuit, to make herself more and more beautiful, but, as she aged, wrinkles, sunspots, along with other problems that comes with aging all slowly, come over her body.

And yet, she’d still sought out beauty, endlessly, her endless pursuit of beauty, kept her going for years on end, but, for what?  She’d still aged, and, started, losing her beauty, and, she’d started, to grab onto, her beauty, as hard as she possibly could.

Her endless pursuit of beauty, it’d made her stray from the real purpose, she’d lost sight, of what’s important, and started, chasing mirages in her life, and in the end, everything ELSE was gone, taken away from her, even those great quality of hers, in the end, she’d still withered away, because as she grew old, she’d become old, and gray, and because she’d pursued beauty endlessly when she was younger, she’d let the important matters slide, and that, is just a total waste, because, she could’ve been more, done more, focused on something ELSE more important, but she didn’t!

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Filed under Messed Up Values, Perspectives, Properties of Life, Pursuits of Pointless Things

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