Writing is a Lot Like Cooking

You must be patient!!!  You CAN’T hurry the process of creativity…

Writing is a lot like cooking, you must get the temperature just right, or, whatever it is you’re preparing will be undercooked or burnt on the stove.

Writing is a lot like cooking, because, as you’re writing your first drafts (you ARE, doing multiple drafts, right???), it’s like how you’re still deciding on what to make for your meals, you added a little bit of this, a little bit of that, taste it, and, if it’s bad, then, you’d have to, throw the entire pot out, just like if the ideas don’t flow smoothly, you will have to, crumple up that piece of paper, or, delete that file you were working on on the computer, and start all over again.

Writing is a lot like cooking, you just have to do everything step-by-step, and you can’t skip the parts, because it wouldn’t end up as you hoped it would if you do.  Writing, like cooking, is also a skill that will be perfected, with many practices, so, don’t expect your firsts to taste like those foods from the 5-Star Michelin Restaurants OR your first essays to be without errors big or small.

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