A Fortress of Their Emotions

This, was how I grew up, in a fortress of their emotions, they’d been fighting, ever since I could remember, and, each and every night, when they thought I was asleep, that, was when the noises got SUPER loud.

A fortress of their emotions, they’d kept me jailed up in, and, I couldn’t even be let out, NOT even when I behaved myself, there’s NO end for me, living inside a fortress of their emotions, until, until one day, a man came, whisked me away, I thought, that he was the man that I was destined to spend the rest of my life in the arms of, boy, was I mistaken, because without realizing, I got, sucked, right into a brand new fortress of emotions, except that this time, it was my and his.

A fortress of their emotions, I was raised up in, and, it hurt, through my childhood days, although I never recall hearing them argue about his affair, or how she failed to satisfy him, the emotions still got too loud, it’d become deafening to my ears, and after hearing them spat for the days of my childhood, I’d turned deaf, finally!

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Filed under Bad Parenting Behaviors, Enmeshment, Family Dynamics, Growing Up Too Fast, Messed Up Values

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