Their Daughter Fell in Love with the Disciplinary Officer at School, the Parents Found Out by Invading Her Privacy, Were Sued

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventeen year old adolescent girl dated the disciplinary officer at her school, and was pregnant, the parents secretly got a hold of the youth’s cell phone, that the school official let their daughter borrowed, the parents went to the press, caused the official to get transferred, and the adolescent ran away; after the school official was found not guilty, and the charges dropped against him, he’d sued the parents for obstruction of secret, and the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices found that the messages were printed by the papers, and that Chen’s parents were indicted.

The forty-five year old man, Chen in Hsinbei City found hickies on his adolescent daughter’s neck last year in June, and had come home late several nights, and he couldn’t get an answer from her, and so, he’d sorted through his daughter’s things, and found the cell phone from the thirty-something disciplinary official at her school, and found out that his child was dating him.

Chen took the cell, he couldn’t open the lock code, he’d selected, “forget password”, then used his daughter’s computer, and by trial and error, he was able to see the intimate conversation that his daughter and the school official shared on LINE.

Chen the teenager wrote, “I don’t want to have an abortion”, the school official replied, “are you sure you want to keep it, do you want to mention that you want to marry me to your parents?…”, the couple found a tabloid paper, and complained about it, publicized the messages, the disciplinary officer was transferred away, but this also made the teenager unhappy, she’d refused to talk to her family again.

Last year, on Chen’s 18th birthday, she ran away from home, and only showed her face at the hearing at the gender equality session at school, to speak on behalf of the disciplinary officer; Chen’s father attempted to take her home, but, each and every time, she’d found ways to evade him, Chen’s father couldn’t find her, last year, he’d sued the school official for seduction of his child, hoping that he’d turn her over to him.

The man claimed that he didn’t know where Chen was, Chen didn’t show her, but called the D.A., to tell them, that she left home on her own, and had broken up with the man.  Chen said, that she’d given birth to her child, and will live on her own, had nothing to say to her father.

The D.A. believed that Chen left home on her own free will, and after they’d dropped the charges against the disciplinary official from her school, Lo sued the parents for leaking his private conversations with their daughter to the press, that they’d broken the laws on secrets, the prosecutors are now, indicting the parents.

And so, this, was how that ended, and, you have to know, that teenagers are going through changes in their lives, and, it’s best that you parents just LEAVE your child alone, do NOT flip through your teenagers’ diaries to see what’s going on with them, do NOT snoop around on them, after all, if it’s something major, I’m sure, if you’d established good relationships from before, they will totally tell you.

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