A Young Couple Who Were Married Because of Their Child, Abused Their Son to Death, and Tried to Cremate Him Secretly

Young parents, scapegoating on their child???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of couple, nineteen years old, Wang, married because of their child, the parents were emotionally unstable, when their son starts to cry, they’d cussed him out, and hit him, last month, the father lost control and threw his son, who was just three months old down to the floor, killed him, had originally wanted to cremate him secretly, but the social workers found out, and reported the parents; the courts mandated that this young couple get taken into custody.

The D.A. found, that the infant was born prematurely, at before seven months, and, in the three months he’d lived, he’d lived a life of being tortured, not only did his parents not feed him regularly, he was so thin that there’s only skin and bones on him, there were also, multiple bruises, wounds, and fractures on him.  The coroner’s report came awhile ago, it showed, that his brain was like tofu that was mixed, and, it’d made the investigators shiver, “How could there be parents like this!”

Wang works at night as manual labor at a shipping company, and early in the mornings, he’d part-timed in delivering milk, his wife stays at home to take care of his son.  He’d claimed that he was under great economic stress, and the child won’t stop crying, he lost control, and that, was why he’d murdered his own son.  He said, on the day, the infant won’t stop crying, he got angry, and slammed his son hard, onto the bed, and the child fell off the bed, back then, the infant became limp, his face turned purple, the father was scared and sent him to the hospital immediately.

The police investigated, that after the Wang’s sent their son to the hospitals, never once did they visited him, on November 28th, the hospital had declared the child dead, that, was when the parents came forth, and wanted to cremate the child in a hurry, “it’s probably domestic violence,”, and the hospitals notified the police.

Wang’s grandmother stated, that the couple would fight often, and it’d annoyed the neighbors; she’s already in her seventies, couldn’t manage to help out with the care of the child, even though she’d told her grandson’s wife to check on the baby often, to feed him once every four hours, but, the grandson’s wife and the baby lived on the second floor, she, on the first, they rarely interacted, and so, she couldn’t know what was happening.  She said, as her grandson was in school, he’d gotten into a ton of trouble, and, that her son became handicapped because he was injured on the job, and, the grandson not only didn’t show an ounce of understanding, still constantly takes money from his own father, the grandmother never imagined he would hurt his own child.

And so, this, is still the case of abuse to death, the parents are way too young, they can’t even take care of themselves, how can they possibly take care of a child, and, the man’s the one with the issues, he’s the one who couldn’t sort through his emotions, that, was why he’d taken his angers out on is three months old baby boy.

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