The Impact of Your Divorce

You DO realize, that NO matter how old your kids were, your divorce had had an impact on their lives, right???

The impact of your divorce, you may not see it right away, because those “things” don’t show up quickly, sometimes, it takes a VERY long time, for it all to unwind and bust wide open.  The impact of your divorce, don’t be fooled into thinking, because you can’t see the damages and the scars, that they don’t exist, because they DO.

The impact of your divorce, you have absolutely NO idea, of how much your divorce impacted your child, and, you simply couldn’t see things from your kid’s angle, because you’d grown OUT of that, after all, you’d gone through your parents’ divorce too, hadn’t you?

The impact of your divorce, this, is MORE serious than you will EVER imagine, because you have NO clue, just how much hurt, how much pains, sufferings, your offspring HAD been put through, getting STUCK in the middle, between the two of you.

The impact of your divorce, you may not foresee it, but, your children still felt it, and, it can’t be denied, how much pains they were put through, because of you, parents, and, who knows, maybe, one day in the future, your adult daughter or son will come to see you, and blame you for not doing right by them, then, what, are you going to say???


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