From a Military School to Working as a Manager at a Clothing Store

On her son’s choice, translated…

Many years ago, my eldest son chose to study in military school, I understood, that my understanding and very mature son knew of the household income issues, and wanted to help save us the money, which was why he’d chosen the path.

Two weeks after he’d reported to the military school, he’d called me, and asked, if I could get him dropped from the schools.

With a heart of unease, I’d arrived at school, to get to understand the situation better, my eldest son told me that after he’d gone into training, he realized that military school doesn’t fit with his personality profiles.  Seeing his young and childish face, I’d helped him get packed up, left the military school.

The very next year, my son tested into a private university, he’d told me, that he could get financial aid for his tuitions, and he can part-time for his own living expenses, that I needed not worry about him.

My son had given his class schedule to the owner of the buffet, when he didn’t have classes, he’d gone to work; on the academic front, he’d done all he could, never arrive late to his classes or leave early from them, worked hard, studying, kept a high grade all the way through.  From his freshman year, when his professor gave the students an oral presentation, he’d collected the data completely, then, drafted up his speeches, then, rehearsed the speeches with his group, to the point that he didn’t need to look at his note when he gave his presentations, and could give an animated presentation to his class, and maintained eye contacts with his professor and other students.

My son showed a strong interest toward clothing and accessories, started in his freshman year in college to not, he’d set up an online shop to sell clothing items, and had gotten great reviews from his shoppers. He is a careful person, because he feared that there are scams online, so, starting the very first day he’d set up shop online, he’d handled every single transactions carefully himself.

I’d also gone with him, to get replenished on his stock, and to pick up the items he’d ordered from somewhere else, several years later, I believed, that he’d gotten his own sense of style.  And, just so, my son continued working at the buffet place, along with running his own online clothes shop, managed to put himself through college, completed his studies from the universities.

After he’d gotten out of the armed services, he’d tried to find a job in the clothing, accessories industries.  Several times he’d gone to the malls to help out during the semi-annual sales, I’d walked in as a pretend customer, heard how he’d used an even tone of voice, as he’d introduced his products, with such professionalism, it made me feel proud and moved, that weak childish scared little boy had find his own interests; through the years of accumulation of experiences and his own hard work, he’d started absorbing the newest information on the clothing and accessories fields.  After several times of him, being the highest selling newcomer for the month or for the day, the main store sent him into a new branch, and made him the store manager.

My son said, he didn’t have the help from home, nor did he have outstanding grades, nor does he have the tall and handsome looks, so he must work even harder.  The sales may be high or low, he’d accepted the challenges from day to day, because he believes, that he can alter his own destiny, if he works hard to try to change himself for the better.

This, is very inspirational, to see a young man who’d chosen a career path for himself, and just kept going, and, it’s his attitude at his jobs that made him so successful, and that just shows, that having the right attitude is very important, it’s a key to one’s success!

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