My Second Father, Love in the World


When I was younger, my father wasn’t around, as I went into high school, I met an ophthalmologist, that was once when I had eye troubles, and had gone to a clinic close to my school, the moment I walked into the clinic, I saw a poster that said, “I will donate what you will”, a fundraising program to help the less fortunate.

When it came my turn, the doctor asked me if I needed a packet of rice, because my health insurance card said that we were among the low income populations, I’d replied, “my aunt owns a cafeteria, give it to someone who needs it more!”

As I’d walked out of the office, I kept thinking about the fundraising project, and, a few days later, I’d gotten involved in a recycle volunteer opportunity and made $200 N.T.s, I’d wanted to donate it right away, but, to what cause?

I ran straight to the clinic, gave the money to the doctor, he’d asked me, “where did you get it?”

I’d told him I’d earned it from my recycling, and had wanted to learn to be a volunteer like the doctor, because I’d been looked after by others since I was growing up, and now that I’m able, I wanted to give what I can back to the world too.

I’d started volunteer with the doctor, he’d taken me to a lot of the activities, met a ton of people, allowed me to feel that there’s warmth in the world.  And now, I’m living and working in the midsection of the island, but the doctor who is in the south still showed his concerns toward me; for me, he’s just like a father, he’s my second dad.

And so, because of the kindness shown to you from this doctor, it’d initiated your desires to help others out too, and that, is how easily, kindness can roll around, and it will get passed down, because kindness too, IS infectious!

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