A Bad Break –Up, Turning His Ex-Girlfriend’s Nude Photos into Porn…Handing Them Out to Strangers

This is PRECISELY WHY you should NOT allow men to take intimate photos of you, even IF you two are sweet together now, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The daughter of the councilman of a certain Japanese county came to Taiwan to learn Chinese, she fell for a married man, Pan, she wanted to break up with him, and Pan posted nude photos of her on Facebook, and made them into a photo album so everybody else can view it, the District Attorney’s Office in Taipei yesterday prosecuted Pan for obstruction of privacy, along with other charges.

Pan was unhappy that the woman wanted to break up with him, he was suspected of setting up an account using the woman’s name spelled in English, and took after the Japanese porn, to make a cover page, with the red, bold letters of “Unclean, Immoral, the Councilman’s Daughter, the Councilman’s Daughter is a Liar completely”, making the visitors to the page believe, that she was actually, a porn star.  When the couple went to stay at a hotel last July, Pan took pictures of the woman nude from the front and the back, without her consent.  This April, the woman broke up with him, Pan spelled out the woman’s name in English, and set up a Facebook account, then, took after the Japanese pornography and made multiple cover pages, placed the photos onto her front page, and added her friends, to spread out the sexually illicit photos so all her friends could access them.

So, this, is how a man gets back at a woman for breaking up with him, and that still just shows you that you need to be more careful, when the two of you are together, you are in love, and, everything WILL be used against you, after the break up.


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