“For the Sake of Dreams, How Far are You Willing to Go?”, He’d Quitted His Job as a Sports Anchor, and Swung the Bat at His Very First Baseball Game

On a man’s path to achieve his long-term dreams, from the MSN Taiwan pages, translated…

It will be, hard for you to imagine, that the 34-year old rookie player in baseball just got started no more than a year ago.  On a cooler autumn afternoon, in the Zhongzhen Sports Center, Lo was sweating hard, just finished his training session.  Even though the season is over, Lo didn’t slack off a bit, he started preparing himself for the next season.

The thirty-four year old, Lo originally works as a sports newscaster and reporter, but he’d given up on his former career, and challenged the baseball hall of fames, and, it’s gotten the public interested in what his story was.

(the following was from his own descriptions)

Since he was younger, he’d loved playing baseball, and it’d become a part of his life.

From when he was a kid, he’d rolled up those old newspapers, and started playing the game simple at the entry of the street where he lived.  Every time when the games are on, he’d always rooted for the Taiwanese team, and a small fire of passion and desire was inside.  Ever since, he’d dreamed of wearing the nation’s uniforms, and making the country proud.

I was born in Taipei, even though I loved baseball, there were NO baseball teams in the local elementary schools in my district, he’d never had any professional trainings.

When I was a third-year student at Taipei Kinesiology University, I’d played for the school’s team shortly, but, because of my demanding academia, I could only drop my favorite sport, and focused on my studies.

He Was Enlightened, in His Internship with the Teams

When I interned at the team’s training camps, that, was the first time I realized how far behind I was, compared to the rest, when I wrote out my proposals, I’d asked if my abilities measured up, the manager said, “You’re about one-hundred times off!”

And that, was when I realized, that the horse playing I’d done back in college, wasn’t enough as fundamental for me.  In reviewing my schooling career, I’d discovered, that I’d picked the easiest to pass of the electives, so I can get good grades, and, at the end of my schooling career, all I got, were the piles of papers that’s become waste, while others my age had acquired real knowledge from the books.

Ever since, I’d made a goal for myself: when I come across a choice I needed to make, I shall take, the hardest way; because the most painful path usually yields the best rewards.

And I had followed those words, and that, was how I got here.

I’d made three goals for myself:

  • Whenever there’s new practice, I’d told myself, to give it another try.
  • I’d always told myself to hang on, when I’m about to drop.
  • Whenever I appeared before the coach and my teammates, I’d wanted them to feel awed by me.

And that, is how this man had taken steps toward his goals of becoming a baseball player, and, by working hard toward this goal, he’d actually reached it, and now, he’s fulfilling, a childhood dream, and I’m sure, that with his sportscaster history, it can get him even more involved into the games.

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