A Man Who Has a Crush on a Random Hottie, Followed Her Off the MRT, and Bear-Hugged Her on the Streets

Here, we still have a LOSER who can’t keep his HANDS to HIMSELF!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Japanese man who works as a namely clothing store as a store manager, on the MRTs, saw a hottie, followed her off, then, bear-hugged her; because this hottie had once had similar pranks played on her by a female friend, she’d smiled and told, “don’t”, until the Japanese man stuck his hand inside her skirt to molest her, did she start screaming, and it’d scared the man away.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office prosecuted the man on forced sexual molestations, and indicted the Japanese man.

This thirty-five year old Japanese man works at the northern region’s shop as a store manager, on the evening of a certain night in August, as he was riding the MRT from Banciao to his home in the city of Taipei, he saw a woman in a dress, sweet looking, with a hot body, he got horny, and followed her off at her stop in Xinpu Station.

The Japanese man followed the woman to the intersection of Ju-Guan Rd. and Wan-Ban Rd. saw that there was no one nearby, he’d rushed up behind her, and hugged her waist from behind, and rubbed himself up against her; and because the woman had once gotten a joke played on her by someone she knew who lived close by, she’d laughed and called the other woman’s name, said, “Come on, stop it already!”

The Japanese man saw that she didn’t get angry, then, he’d bravely stuck his hand into her skirt, to touch her pubic region, her thighs, and the buttocks, that, was when the woman realized that something was wrong, started screaming, managed to capture the man’s backside with her cell.

The woman notified the police, and the police reviewed the surveillance, and took him into custody; the D.A. called the Japanese man to appear, he claimed that on that night, he’d decided to go to the DVD store to buy some DVDs close to Xinpu Station, that, was why he’d done things out of the ordinary, followed the woman, and molested her.

Because there were NO surveillance that captured the footage of his sexual molestation, in order to make certain, the D.A. asked the police to go to the scene to check it out, and the place was residential, there was NO shop fronts; the D.A. posed the questions, the Japanese man changed his claims that that night after he got off, he’d walked out, then, realized that he’d misremembered the place, and that it was at another station.

As the D.A. continued questioning, why would the surveillance have footages of him following the woman, as she ran back to the MRT station, and had his backside captured by his cell; he claimed that he’d all of a sudden, gotten reminded of how his wife wanted him home early, that, was why he ran off, and he didn’t know why the woman was photographing him.  The D.A. believed that the man was lying, and didn’t take his words for it.

Wow, this LOSER sure did, go ALL the way in trying to WEASEL, didn’t he?  And in the end, he’s still prosecuted.  And that still just shows how losers can’t keep their hands to themselves, and that, would be why when we women go out, we must have a bottle of MACE in our purses, or something like a spray bottle with peppermint mixture, to fend off these losers.

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