Post-Mortem Sorrows

The sorrows that comes after someone’s death, and, yes, it’s all in hindsight, because NO amount of tears you are crying now, will bring the DEAD back to life again.

Post-mortem sorrows, they came, after you’d died, not immediately, of course, but during the phase of grief, when you’re just beginning, to feel that strong sense of loss, and then, everything rolled out, and you’ll surely, start, to wail so freakin’ loud.

Post-mortem sorrows, consider it hindsight if you will, and, NO amount of tears you can possibly crank out, will give the family back what they’d lost, so, why don’t you just all, SAVE it already!!!  Post-mortem sorrows, this happens, because you did NOT cry enough while that person was still living, and now that s/he is gone, you’re HIT, with surges of sorrows, regrets, things left unsaid, blah, blah, blah, so that, is the origin of post-mortem sorrows, but hey, that’s just my interpretations, feel free to agree or disagree if you want to.

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