Understanding Stress, the Body is More Honest than the Mind

The words of a psychotherapist, translated…

A rare chance came for my day off, naturally, I’d utilize it all I can, head outdoors first, then, catch a movie, and still, the moment I’d walked out of the air-conditioned room from the theatre, I’d felt my brain was kinda stuff, I’d immediately decided to go for a haircut, unknowingly………

The hairdresser, “You don’t look that well.”

Psychologist, “I’m off from work, there’s absolutely NO pressure I’m dealing with right now!”

The hairdresser, “But………your hair begs to differ, the right side, there’s a circular bold pattern, and, there are over ten extra white strands on the left.”

Psychologist, “Did someone shave my head when I wasn’t aware?”

The hairdresser, “it’s not THAT serious, it’s just, that your scalp is really in bad shape.”

Psychologist, “I did have some migraines awhile ago………okay, my body is more honest than my mind, I will, keep listening to my body.”

After I got my hair washed, my body felt lighter, but, my body felt tightened, and so, I’d canceled my plans for the huge meal, and went to the massage therapist instead.

The massage therapist, “the right side of your neck is way too tight, do you not feel it at all?”, he’d asked as he was massaging me.

The psychologist was too much in pain to reply.

The massage therapist, “Are you absolutely sure, that this doesn’t hurt?” (continued exerting pressure.)

Psychologist, “Yes, it really HURTS……” (with a tone that sounded like begging or graveling.)

“If the passageways are opened up, then, there shall be no pains”, after my body was opened up, I feel much better, and my thoughts became clearer too, and I’d finally understood, “Turns out, I’d overplanned my days off, and ignored the calls from my body, and, the sores, aches and pains, are the warnings my body was giving to me.”

Stress is Explained from P=F/A

The Buddhists said: life is never the same.  From the makeup of the Chinese character for “push”: if you’re still living “above ground”, then, you will face “things that come to annoy you.”

If this is a bit too passive for you, without scientific basis, or you’d still believed in the words such as, “if I can push myself harder, then, I can accomplish it,” along with other words of encouragements, then, let me explain it to you through the angle of a psychologist.

Borrowing the formula of P=F/A (P is the amount of stress placed on the given surface.)  The pressures in life (P), in psychology, it means the things you’d come in contact with (F), and its interaction with your personality (A), creating a change in feeling.

The happenings in life (F) naturally includes everything big or small one may encounter in one’s journey’s in life, and naturally, we couldn’t rule out accidents.  As for the way the body experiences and personality (A) would include the genetic predispositions and the shaping of one’s personalities.  Whether or not one is too sensitive, had already been set in motion when one was still quite young.

Instead of fixing the problem (F), or work your minds through (A) the issues, you don’t know, that so long as we’re still living, we couldn’t get rid of living in the shadows of pressure (P).

A lot of experiments on animals showed, that for the sake of the health of the body and the mind, it’s more important, to be able to know when one feels the stresses than to getting rid of them.

Seyle’s Mice

The psychologist, Seyle from observing the reactions of mice after getting electrocuted concluded that the mice that were electrocuted for a shorter time can slowly recover and return to their original states afterwards, but the mice that were electrocuted longer, after they’d been taken out from that environment, couldn’t recover at all.

We can use this sort of a metaphor: stress is like lifting a cup filled water, if you can lift and put it down, then, doing it continuously for 100 times is merely strengthening your muscles; but, if you are asked to lift the cup for half an hour continuously, then, you would’ve hurt your arms, before it’s time, to put down those cups!

In other words, stress is not at all scary, what’s scary is soaking your brains in stresses constantly.  So, do remember, “When you’d engaged in something for a very long time, DO take a break, so your minds can have a different perspective.”

A Do-It-Yourself Pressure Assessor

You can find someone, a family, or a coworker, and gently tap or massage one another’s back and shoulders, to see whose body is tightened up more?  Of course, finding a questionnaire online is also another way to figure out your stress levels.

Naturally, there are three reasons why the necks and shoulders would be tightened, one, age.  Without the analysis of professionals, as we get older, the easier it is, for our bodies to tense up.  The body is not feeling well, naturally, the organism wouldn’t be well either.  Secondly, you didn’t stretch your bodies out enough.  Some people exercise regularly, but without the warm ups or the cool downs afterwards, and this, can also cause the body to tense up.  Thirdly, something’s on the person’s mind, or s/he is losing sleep.  The thoughts that you can’t chase away, will cause the mind to become anxious, and, the body would naturally, tense up because of it.

Based off of these three reasons, the first one, nobody escapes from, the last, there’s no way of prevention OR treatment, normally, with the times moving forward, the stresses will be gone.  Only the second, is trainable.

If you can find a small period of time, to relax your bodies, then, you can avoid getting sick from being under too much stress.

“How can I find the time to de-stress?”, that’s what you’d say, actually, it’s because you hadn’t been tortured long enough by your bodies yet.

Living in this day and age, we’re faced with this high-pressure environment, a lot of the cases that came to the hospitals to seek out treatment but still couldn’t let go of their families or work.  And, the shrink didn’t tell the patient to stop bothering about everything around her/him, just for the individual to insert a small activity of “focusing on introspecting”, but the patient would use, “I don’t have it that easy!”, then, continued, soaking up in the pressures s/he came into the doctor’s office with.

Or maybe, you’d have to get really sick (being trapped in the hospitals, then, time suddenly, opens up), then you will being to put your priorities straight.

Then, how come, there are so many those who are “free”, walking around the parks for exercise, or practicing martial arts?

This just shows how important it is, to relieve one’s stresses regularly, you can exercise, you can do some activities that you enjoy, such as reading, window-shopping, heading outdoors, point is, don’t get too caught up in the environment, because if you get trapped, it will take you a hell of a lot longer for you, to get back out!

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