A Repeated Offender Sexually Molested Someone on the Bus, the Other Passengers Made Sure He Didn’t Escape While the Bus Driver Notified the Police

From the Newspapers, translated…

“Don’t do that stuff on my bus!”, the thirty-eight year-old man, Shen last night, sexually molested a female student for more than ten minutes, the bus driver, who’d found out about the molesting behaviors of Shen, parked the bus, and, called out to Shen, then, he’d notified the police, and Shen was taken into custody based off of laws against sexual harassments.

Based off of understanding, Shen lives in Banciao, and worked as a skilled worker in Sanchung, claimed that he was mildly retarded, is a repeated offender of sexual molestations on the busses, and was already blacklisted by the bus companies, two nights ago at around six, he’d followed a fifteen-year-old high school female onto bus Route 652.  After he got on the bus, both his hands were on the bars, and he’d rubbed up against the female student’s backside, the female student had signified her friend, that she was being violated, but didn’t dare call out for help.

Gladly, the driver who has good eye sight, Wu had recognized Shen as he got on the bus, the driver said, “He’s a repeated offender, everybody who took the busses regularly knows him, the moment he’d gotten on, I’d asked all the passengers to watch if he’s doing something weird.”  A passenger found that Shen was doing something inappropriate to the female student, and immediately, notified the driver, and the driver parked the bus, and called out to Shen, “Don’t do these things on MY bus!”, then, the driver notified the police, Shen begged for forgiveness, while the bystanders all said angrily, just call the police.

And so, this still just shows, that you cannot rehabilitate a SEX offender, after all, this, was still NOT the first, nor is it going to be the very LAST time this man will EVER sexually molest someone, and, it’s an issue of addiction, combined with bad impulse control, but gladly, the driver and the passengers all worked together, to put him to justice!

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