Allowing Alzheimer’s Patients to Live in the Past

It’s not a bad idea, after all, that, is all that those Alzheimer’s patients can recall…

So many members of the families of Alzheimer’s patients believed, that the way to “heal” their family members is to MAKE the individuals come BACK to EARTH, after all, this, is where we’re all, currently residing, without realizing, that Alzheimer’s patients have a different way of life.

Allowing Alzheimer’s patients to live in the past, that, is the way to go, because it helps them hold on, to what, is slowly, being lost from them, and, being reminded of their pasts, well, it just seems, to ease their anxieties, like how those elderly’s eyes would light UP, when they talked of those “glory days”, they’d experienced, and, when they’d spoken on the painful parts of their pasts, they’d cried too, and, that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Allowing Alzheimer’s patients to live in the past, where they feel most comfortable, not pushing them to adapt, to the current changes in their world, after all, those Alzheimer’s patients are all elderly individuals, and so, there’s NO point, in making them learn how to use a Smartphone, or to learn to send e-mails to their families and friends.

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