It’s More Important to Be Empathic

Being a good role model for the younger generation here, translated…

On the way of driving my niece to the photo shop, as we passed by the lights, we saw an elderly woman, pushing her cart, slowly, walking across, even though the lights had turned green, I’d still braked my car.

My niece asked me, “Why won’t you go?”

I’d told her, “We all grow old one day, the elderly walks much slower, and I’m waiting for the elderly woman to cross.”

After my niece saw my behavior, she had a heartfelt sentiment, “Aunt, you’re such a nice person.”  Actually, in the moment I didn’t think too much about this, I was just going with my heart’s telling me what I’m supposed to do, and I’d used this as an opportunity, to teach my niece, “We must show empathy.”

Plus, I’m middle aged, and, I’m about to march into old age soon too, I’d wondered often, what, can I do for this society.  Currently, I’m unemployed, and I’d hunted for jobs, but, none was fruitful enough, and so, I’d especially empathized with the people from middle and late stages in their lives.

If my economics permitted, I’d placed some coins into the donation box, anywhere from $10N.T.s to $100N.T.s, I believe, that the smaller amounts will accumulate.  Even though I’m not rich, but, I feel blessed, to be able to give what I can, to help those children in the distant regions, along with elderly who lived alone.

Plus, I still have a roof over my head, I get my three meals, there are a lot of people less fortunate than I, and, whenever I’m able to, I’d hoped to put in my share, to give back to the world.

And, awhile ago, I took my clothes that needed altering, to an elderly gentleman who has trouble walking, seeing how his lonely face was filled with a glow, I’m really glad I’d gone to his shop.

The middle age and elderly population need a chance from the world, because they can create enormous values for the world too.

This, is empathy, at its best, the woman has a good heart, no doubt, and, she’d taught her lessons to the younger generations by setting a good example for them, and, even though, she’s still just one person, doing good things, those who received her kindness will feel like they have the whole world on their sides, and that, is the positive things that comes from helping out.

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