Lived Under These Storm Clouds

Lived under these storm clouds, I had, for so very long now, and each and every night when I lay me down to sleep, I’d heard the storm clouds, raging outside my bedroom doors.

Lived under these storms clouds, and, I thought it was normal, that everybody was just like me, living under these same old storm clouds.  It wasn’t until that I’d left home, and gotten educated, and gotten to know others, who lived differently than I had as I was growing up, did I realize, that what I’d lived through, wasn’t at all, normal.

Lived under these storm clouds, and I had NO clue, that those storm clouds were the sole causes of my misery, it wasn’t until I’d taken a step backward, and I saw better.  Lived under these storm clouds, and, they became a normal part of my regular routine, and, there was, NO way out for me then, I’d been trapped, inside these harsh storm clouds, for too long now, I don’t know how, I can possibly live outside of them now…

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Filed under Awareness, Cause & Effect, Concepts in Psychology, Coping Mechanisms, Cost of Living, Family Dynamics, Nowhere Is Safe, Observations, Values, Vicious Cycle

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