The Ferguson Effect

Call it a phase, or a trend, if you will…

The Ferguson Effect (and yes, I’d made THAT up!!!), is what’s happening in the major cities of the U.S., especially after the officer who shot Brown didn’t even get a SLAP on his wrists, the population everywhere, across the major cities in America is raging, because it IS, unjust!

And, just like that wildfire that started in the forests, somewhere in California awhile ago, this “fire” that started in Ferguson will spread to closely cities, as well as into faraway, distant regions of the U.S., because the citizens feel that justice was NOT served, because if it were a white kid would got shot by the cops, the officer would surely be found guilty, and besides, Michael Brown wasn’t even ARMED like that kid that was playing with a toy gun that much resembled real weapon, so, the crowd becomes a riot…and this riot will go through the towns, until the public forgets about the events, but it won’t be easy…

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