A Fairytale without the Princess

What kind of fairytale IS this?  A fairytale without a princess, well, that’s just WRONG, I mean, who the hell is Charming going to RESCUE?

A fairytale without the princess, that’s odd, where did she go?  Did she wake herself up?  Is that dragon tamed, and had it become an obedient “lizard” already?  Or, maybe, all the idiotic princes all became BAR-B-Q, and the dragon had them ALL for its meals?

A fairytale without the princess, that’s just not right, because a fairytale is always and forever going to be written, with a damsel in distress, living inside a HIGH tower, waiting for her prince to come and rescue her, with the variations of their varied comatose causes.

A fairytale without the princess, so, did the Seven Dwarfs each kissed Snow and she woke up?  Or, did the Princess REFUSED to kiss that ugly, slimy, yucky TOAD, NO matter WHAT her daddy tells her?  Or, did that spinning jenny’s needle get dipped in ARSENIC, and Sleeping Beauty touched it (b/c she was curious???), and end up dead?

A fairytale without the princess, that’s fitting to modern day, because NONE of us, REAL LIVE women ARE them dumb-blonde idiotic princess, sitting up in our ivory towers, waiting, for you M***ER F***ING (maxed out???) M-O-R-O-N-S, to come, and give us that one true love’s kiss, and, frankly, I for one, would still rather KISS my dogs, even IF they have halitosis (that’s BAD breath!!!)…


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