“The AC is Not Working,” a Student from Hong Kong Who Dropped Out Killed His Landlord

Violence hits, once again, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A college student who got expelled from Wen-Hua University from Hong Kong, Mai, yesterday, he’d murdered his seventy-year-old landlord, Lin, after he’d killed the man, he’d called and told the operator, “someone had stopped breathing,” the police investigated and found that he may have been involved; he claimed that his landlord kept telling him to pay rent and that got him angry, that, was why he’d used the excuse of “I need the air-conditioning fixed”, as a lure.

“I can’t find the money to pay the rent, and my landlord kept hurrying me, so, I’d tricked him, and murdered him”, yesterday, as the 22-year-old Mai was questioned by the police, he’d calmly told them of his motive for murder, he’d turned down having a public defender, and didn’t want to notice the consulate or his family in Hong Kong.

Police found, that Mai had come here six years ago, last year as a sophomore, he was expelled because he’d flunked too many of his courses, but still rented the student apartment close to the school.  Mai told the police, that the rent was originally $50,000N.T. a semester, but he was tight on money, he’d asked the landlord to pay it monthly; after he’d paid his rent in September, he didn’t have any more money left, and the landlord, Lin’s notices made him angry, and that, was why he’d lied to the landlord that the air conditioning is not working, and lured him to where he lived.

He claimed, that yesterday at ten in the morn, the landlord Lin came to his place alone, and after a verbal altercation, he’d punched the landlord’s face three, four times, then, bashed the back of the landlord’s head with his dumbbells twice, then, stabbed him in the heart with a fruits knife; in the confrontation, he was unhurt.

The police found, that after Mai committed the murder, he couldn’t’ find a place to dump his landlord’s body, and so, he’d called emergency, claimed to them, “someone had stopped breathing, in need of emergency resuscitation,” the fire department came to the place at one in the afternoon, and saw that it was a homicide, they’d called up the police.

The detective team of Shihlin believed that the kill shot was the slash on the victim’s chest, and that there were blunt force trauma on the back of his head, his forehead, and, believed that he was murdered, then, wrapped up, and disposed of in the hall, they’d immediately reviewed the surveillance, and found that it was the tenant, Mai, and went to the nearby building, and made an arrest, and confirmed that the scene of the crime was Mai’s room.

And because at the time of the incident, all the other tenants were out, the detectives believed that Mai had acted alone; but, there wasn’t any money inside Lin’s wallet, and so, they’re still looking into it as a robbery/murder.  The police said, that after Mai committed the murder, he’d wanted to disposed of the body, but it was hard to move, because there were things, obstructing the path in the hallways, he couldn’t transport the body elsewhere, and so, he’d given up on that thought.

Based off of understanding, the landlord, Lin owned the entire second floor, and separated the space into ten smaller apartments, to get the rent; the family said that he was a very nice person, was kind to the students, that something awful had happened to him, they hoped the D.A. can get to the bottom of this.

And so, see how easily those NUTS still CRACKED???  Because you couldn’t pay the rents, and your landlord is rushing you to pay your rents, you lost it, what happens to E.Q these days, or, are they still just focused on the grades, the I.Q. scores, and letting the REST slide???

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