When Beggars Make More than You

This, is currently what is happening in the world right now, beggars are making MORE money than you, and they don’t have to do anything, just sit on the floor, in their dirtied clothes, looking pitiful, and, surely enough, someone who comes by will give her/him a handout.

When beggars make more than you, but HOW, those beggars, they’re NOT even working at all, they’re merely sitting on the floor somewhere, looking dirty and pitiful, and they get paid for that?  While I’m here, working my five to nines (b/c nine to five is no longer enough to make my ends meet!), slaving my life away, getting GRILLED by the boss, who doesn’t DO shit!  Is that fair?  Hell NO!

When beggars make more than you, it may just be in that specific case, but, this specific case will spread, very quickly, like that newest form of the flu, and, it will, become a trend, gets spread from this corner of the world, to the next, until all the streets everywhere are filled with panhandlers…


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