The Last Straw that Broke Up Her Marriage: Her Dog Got Stabbed by Her Husband

Scapegoating, AT its WORST!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A woman who’s very capable in business, Jiang claimed that her husband felt inadequate because he didn’t make more money than she, had often gotten angered at her, two years ago after they’d separated, her husband snuck back home, stabbed, and blinded her pet, it’d made her fear.  She’d filed for divorce, claiming that there was nothing left in the marriage emotionally.  The husband denied having abused her dog, and, the judge ruled for the divorce, because there’s no way to keep the marriage going any longer.

The Taoyuan District Courts investigated and found, that Jiang worked as a school teacher from before, twenty years ago, she’d started her own business, set up a realtor’s agency, brings in a lot of money, while her husband works for a privately owned company, and made a lot less than she had.

She’d pointed out to the courts, her husband asked her to put up all her wages, and in order to keep the family harmonious, she had to comply, but every time she’d asked for the living expenses from her husband, she had to rely on his mood, and when the husband was in a foul mood and threw the money in her face, said in a demeaning tone, “Take it then!”, and she could only keep silent about it.

Two years ago, the relationship got to the point of breaking, the husband left for no reasons at all, and came back, threatened her, “I’m going to strangle your dog, and make you live in hell.”, the very next day, she’d found her dog to have been stabbed in the eyes, the bladder and anus, and, after she’d taken her dog to the vet, the doctors managed to save the dog’s left eye, and it was blinded in the right, and, after three months, the dog was, once again, stabbed and slashed by a knife, and, she’d rushed it to the vet, and, saved its life.

Jiang said, she believed, that it was her husband who’d done this, because after she’d separated from him, the dog became like her son, and her husband’s behaviors had caused her enormous amount of fear, she’d feared his violent revenge on her constantly, and asked for a divorce.

As the court was in session, Jiang’s husband denied having stabbed his wife’s dog to threaten her, that it was his wife who was paranoid, and unstable, and refused to divorce.

And because the woman offered the medical records of her pets, the judge believed, that even though, Jiang was living with her dogs, and she must have felt enormous amount of stress, even though the husband denied it, but this incident had apparently, destroyed the trust in the relationship, and plus they’d separated for two years, and, there was so many problems that can’t be fixed in the marriage, so, the judge agreed to the wife’s request of divorce.

Another case of a loser, who was displeased at how his wife acted, and hurt something that she loved.  The man is the one with the problems here, he’s the one who’d used violence toward his wife, made her fear, and now, he’d stabbed his wife’s pet, because she’s paying more attention to them than she is him???  Grow UP, you LOSERS!!!

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