An Infant Girl Was Born for Just a Few Day When She Was Found, Abandoned on a Cart at a Marketplace

How many TIMES must I say this: If you can’t take care of children, then, don’t HAVE NONE (and your point being???), and yet, this sort of SHIT still happens???  From the Newspapers online, translated…

Two evenings ago, on a vendor’s cart, in an alley of Fengshan, Kaohsiung, a baby girl was found, after the residents called it in, she was taken into Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung.  The infant was healthy, only about three to seven days old, she was wrapped in an orange child’s shirt, with NO other information, to help identify her.  The police and the social services department had asked for the parents to come forth and take the child home.

The Social Services Department of Kaohsiung held a press conference at Changgang Hospital, urging the parents to come forth.

The Social Services Department held a press conference at the hospital yesterday, the director told, how the child was found, abandoned on a food cart, wrapped with a child’s garments, and, was found as she’d started crying, by the nearby residents.

The police said, that there are no other identifications on the child, no necklaces, no note, the child only wore simple clothes.

The hospital examined her, and found, that other than some bug bites from her being left out in the open, she had no other injuries, but the hospital still needed to conduct all the checks they normally would with a newborn infant, and they’re asking the parents to come forth quickly, to take the baby home.

Guess what MAY have happened?  Oh I know, this child must belong to some teenager, because she got knocked up by a dude, and, got pregnant, and, thought that all the symptoms of her pregnancy were just caused by the stresses from her daily life, and, when she realized that she was pregnant, it was, too late for her to get an abortion, and so, she’d carried her child, and, gave birth to her, and, because she didn’t want her in the first place, the mother then, abandoned her on a food cart, and, because she knew, that someone will eventually hear her baby cry………

Uh, whatever happened to USE protection, and, don’t FUCK around IF you can’t withstand the consequences?  And, didn’t they teach you about SAFE SEX in school?  Who gave you the rights, to just ABANDON your own child, because you are way too young, and can’t even take care of yourselves yet?  This, is totally, irresponsible!








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