Sinking & Floating, in the Sea of YOUR Emotion

You’d tossed me, so carelessly, kinda like I had my shattered porcelain, into that sea of your emotions, and you couldn’t give a FUCK if I’d drowned!

Sinking and floating, in the sea of your emotions, I was overcome, by so many tidal waves of anguish, and swept out, farther into the seas by those currents of your endless sorrows too.  sinking and floating, in the sea of your emotions, that, was not how I’d wanted to live my childhood years, but I had NO choice, because you were WAY too god damn FUCKING (and your point being???) IMMATURE as my parent, you could CARE LESS about my welfare AND my wellbeing, all you’d cared about was Y-O-U, and, what about ME?  I’d NEVER asked to be BROUGHT out into this cruel, cold world in the first place you know???

Sinking and floating, in the sea of YOUR emotions, I was made, to weather ALL of your worst emotional storms FOR you, while you felt betrayed, stabbed in the back by your loved ones, so was I, and it’d never occurred to you, to turn around, and pay attention to little ol’ me, and now, I’m old enough, I’d still grown up, without your cares, your concerns, OR your love, for that matter, and look how WELL I turned out!

At least, I know better than to PASS this FUCKING, SHITTY cycle of ABUSE AND NEGLECT that I’d been put through, for the LAST fucking (oopsy, just “slipped”) oh, dunno, say???  My ENTIRE L-I-F-E?  Because I’m a WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y (you DO get the point here, don’t you???) better parent than you will EVER be.


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9 responses to “Sinking & Floating, in the Sea of YOUR Emotion

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